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Training Log: wstewart88

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Specific Endurance1 2:00:05 14.14(8:29) 22.76(5:17) 599
  Long Hill Reps1 1:18:55 9.23(8:33) 14.86(5:19) 484
  S+C2 1:05:00
  Easy + Strideouts1 1:04:36 8.08(7:59) 13.01(4:58) 53
  Moderate1 1:00:31 9.03(6:42) 14.53(4:10) 61
  Easy + Diagonals1 56:14 6.96(8:05) 11.2(5:01) 105
  Hill Sprints1 56:09 6.1(9:12) 9.82(5:43) 222
  Total8 8:21:30 53.55 86.18 1524
averages - sleep:8.1

Friday May 14 #

3 PM

Easy + Diagonals 56:14 [1] 11.2 km (5:01 / km) +105m 4:48 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Wildhorse

That felt pretty gruelling today. Not much in the legs and felt like a bit of a plod. Slept well last night and felt well rested. Up before my alarm and usual coffee/dog/breakfast routine. Legs felt tired when getting up this morning after the session last night. Early start with work and fairly end to end product selection meets. Got finished up around 3 though so got out for a run to enjoy the sun. Surprisingly warm and overdressed for the occasion.

As I said, legs felt pretty heavy for the run and just an easy loop through the nature reserve. Didn't really ease off that much and just a little flat feeling. No issues otherwise. Diagonals felt slow to begin with but the last 4 started to loosen off and feel a bit faster, stronger and moving with a bit more power. Easy jog home and a bit of a rush to wipe off sweat and join another call. Roll on the weekend!

Thursday May 13 #

5 PM

Long Hill Reps 1:18:55 [4] 14.86 km (5:19 / km) +484m 4:34 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Hill planned, kit laid out, early night and alarm set for 0545. That was the plan anyway...except it all went hugely tits up. Poor night sleep; woke up at 2am panicking that I had slept in for the session. Struggled to get back to sleep but eventually did only to wake up at half 4 with the same thing. Got back to sleep but felt grim when I woke up so opted to do the session after work. Full on day and end to end calls but got done sharpish and set for a run. Legs felt back to normal this morning and throughout the day. Was consciously moving around a bit more as a couple of times I felt my hip flexors get a bit tight.

A cold and overcast evening for the run. Could have done with gloves on and Arthurs Seat was in the mist. Not too much wind though so decent conditions. Easy 20 to the start felt pretty good and I could tell my legs were feeling normal again after yesterday's run which was good. Legs turning nicely and just trying to warm up. Energy levels felt pretty good so was geared up for the session despite the busy day.

Rep 1 was a bit 'meh' and in the first km I didn't feel like I hit my stride particularly quickly. Was doing a zig-zag up the Crags which was the same first km as my mile rep route but instead turns right and climbs up the Crags. Reps were 2km but only around 130-140m of ascent so still not ideal. I was able to run the whole way and was pushing the pace for the whole effort. Better than hiking but still not perfect.

Rep 2 felt superb. First km was 13s up on rep 1 and felt like I was able to hold the effort the whole way. Rep 3 was somewhere in between. Felt better than rep 1 for sure but maybe fatiguing towards the end slightly.

Session a little shorter as recoveries I just headed straight down the steep hill to the start again. Easy 20 home felt anything but easy. Legs like jelly and feeling the increased intensity tonight. Good session despite it being plan B.

Wednesday May 12 #

7 AM

S+C 30:00 [1]

UB session

Devils (5kg, 5reps), Angels (7kg, 8reps), Cobra (pike position, 8 reps), RR (10kg, 14reps), Dips (12reps), Front Raise (10kg, 10reps), Bench Press (10kg, 12reps).
5 PM

Moderate 1:00:31 [2] 14.53 km (4:10 / km) +61m 4:05 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Really good night sleep last night and was feeling good this morning. Coffee in bed before s&c and then work. Busy day with meetings but not too hectic. Pissing down with rain all day until about 4pm then the sun came out and made for a really nice evening.

Really weird run tonight. A strange, numb sensation in both my legs and no sensory feedback. Really bizarre and never experienced that before. I was moving okay and keeping breathing under control but legs were strange. Up to the meadows I just settled into the run, had to duck into the meadows public toilets quickly (proper Trainspotting stuff!) before carrying on. Felt fine cardiovascularly for the rest of the run but numbness persisted for the remainder of the run. My head is maybe just up my arse after a busy day but weird nonetheless.

Tuesday May 11 #

1 PM

Hill Sprints 56:09 [1] 9.82 km (5:43 / km) +222m 5:08 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Good night sleep last night and woke up feeling fresh. Forecast was improving as the day went on so got out for a sunny lunchtime run. Glorious weather. Shame about the wee flies divebombing down my throat. Nasty.

Legs were turning over well today and no issues. Felt pretty springy and a nice jaunt through the nature reserve trails. Sprints felt good overall. Second and third ones didn’t feel great and wasn’t feeling too explosive but the last few were better and felt a bit more powerful. Jogged home after and legs felt far more engaged and activated.

Monday May 10 #

6 AM

Easy + Strideouts 1:04:36 [1] 13.01 km (4:58 / km) +53m 4:52 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Turbo 2 - white

Was out for the count last night and a really good night sleep. Up and out this morning for 6.30 and a nice morning for it. Cool but bright and set to warm up through the day.

Legs felt heavy for the run and took a while to get turning - probably the 4th stride to be exact! A bit of a grind really. Right hip felt a bit pinched and as though something needed to click into place. Just took it nice and easy. First 3 strides didn’t feel great and pretty restricted in terms of movement. Next 3 felt a lot better and far more normal. No real issues today.

Back for coffee and breakfast and to learn that my Airbnb host cancelled my booking for Lakeland. The search goes on.
5 PM

S+C 35:00 [1]

P&C session

Ball Passes (15), Front plank + movements (10’s), Reverse plank (iso, 65s), single leg glute bridge (9kg, 8 reps), side plank + knees (15), hamstring curls (10/6/6), split squats (9kg, 8 reps), RDL (9kg, 8 reps), step ups (9kg, 8 reps).

Sunday May 9 #

12 PM

Specific Endurance 2:00:05 [2] 22.76 km (5:17 / km) +599m 4:40 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Reasonable night sleep but had a long lie after one of the dogs needing out at 1am. Felt well rested but legs definitely feeling the session from yesterday. Mrs S dropped me on one of the hills whilst walking the dogs so not my finest hour!

Ran at 12pm to coincide with the Wings for Life run that I got roped into through work. Didn’t change the session but good fun and a good cause. Headed to Arthurs Seat for some laps. Really humid day and whilst it didn’t feel hot it was really muggy and sweaty. Surprised at the average pace to be honest as legs were feeling a bit laggy on the climbs. Didn’t help that most of the climbs today were into a headwind so felt like hard work. Nice rhythm otherwise on the flats and descents. Felt pretty dehydrated for the last 25-30mins and a grimy, salty face after finishing. No issues or niggles throughout.

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