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Training Log: tRicky

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain bike3 3:42:41 36.24(9.8/h) 58.32(15.7/h) 930
  Orienteering (MTB)2 2:59:41 35.28(11.8/h) 56.78(19.0/h) 134833 /35c94%
  Mapping1 2:26:09 4.21(34:42) 6.78(21:34) 5
  Road bike2 2:14:59 32.72(14.5/h) 52.65(23.4/h)
  Core stability2 1:08:55
  Windtrainer1 1:00:00
  Running1 40:23 5.11(7:54) 8.23(4:54) 76
  Total10 14:12:48 113.56 182.76 235833 /35c94%

Thursday Oct 18 #

10 AM

Mapping (foot) 2:26:09 [1] 6.78 km (21:34 / km) +5m 21:29 / km
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Goslingdale field check. Chose this today because the weather didn't look too flash so it was a short trip home if it turned bad. Fortunately only had a couple of *very* light showers when out there. The heavier rain came before and after.

Kept it relatively short because mapping the river sucks, in fact the river that I've drawn is only indicative of where it actually goes (hard to see it on the aerial because of all the trees) but if anyone attempts to use it for navigating then they're in trouble already. It's not nice in there. There are (probably) snakes, spiders and other monsters.
5 PM

Windtrainer 1:00:00 intensity: (21:40 @1) + (8:18 @2) + (12:03 @3) + (17:59 @4)
ahr:139 max:173 shoes: Giant TCR

Wanted to get the HR going at some point today rather than just sitting at the computer (and the odd bit of mapping) but the weather looked doubtful so set the windtrainer back up. Just did an easy-ish session of 3 x 10/5 without any specific target in mind. Wouldn't have got very far with a proper session anyway given how sore the quads and left hammie were so this was good enough. I imagine if this was a Zwift session that I'd have covered about 45km in this time.

Got an email from Acer stating that they were shipping my product to me, which is a bit weird since I requested a repair and I still have the laptop with the faulty keys here. I hope they're not just shipping new E and G keys because that will fix precisely nothing.

Wednesday Oct 17 #

5 PM

Road bike 52:14 [1] 20.54 km (23.6 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Rock around the block. Still pretty sore from last night so I couldn't muster up the energy to ride over to Woodbridge to finish it off and I really didn't want to drive there after all the unnecessary driving I did yesterday after forgetting to take my passport to work and having to go home for it.

I'm beginning to realise why people leave entering events so late given the number of events over the past year that I've had to cancel due to injury or work and the amount of money I've lost in the process in doing so. I had booked a night's accommodation at Western Sydney Uni Campbelltown this Saturday and they have a 'no refund' policy. I'm wondering if this is even legal. 'Hey you booked with us and cancelled with plenty of notice but we'll take your money anyway despite providing no service and we now have the ability to rebook your room' (I booked 16 days in advance and cancelled with ten days' notice). I can understand charging an admin fee but the whole charge?

Virgin seems to have put up their change fee from the $70 I had to pay last year to $90 this year. At least there I got wise after Vic cancelling their events earlier in the year and have since started purchasing ticket cancellation insurance (although there are limitations and I'm still waiting to see if my full time role later this year counts as a valid reason - it is listed - given I'm only a reservist at the moment).

Can't even trust dentists these days. The dentist I saw on Monday said the now infamous words when he took a couple of x-rays (which I didn't really want) 'There'll be no out of pocket expense for you; if the gap isn't covered by your insurer then we won't charge you'. Well I finally checked the receipt and guess what...

Seems I wasn't quick enough to get a shift at the Taylor Swift concert at Optus Stadium this Friday night to make up for the lost money either after cancelling my week away :-(

Tuesday Oct 16 #

7 PM

Core stability (PT) 45:00 [4]
shoes: Boots (1)

Harsh, really harsh. Thought I might get out of PT due to the inoculations I had today but the PTI said something about it being funny if I passed out in front of everyone so go for it (actually he said I wasn't supposed to but just do what I can). Jerry can carries suck balls.

Monday Oct 15 #

12 PM

Road bike 1:22:45 [1] 32.11 km (23.3 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to the dentist for dentistry. I was as early for this appointment as I was late for the last one back in May, which got cancelled due to my lateness. Just wanted to make sure this time.
9 PM

Core stability (core strength) 23:55 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Sunday Oct 14 #

9 AM

Mountain bike warm up/down 6:13 intensity: (1:56 @1) + (1:18 @2) + (2:33 @3) + (21 @4) + (5 @5) 2.03 km (19.6 kph) +47m
ahr:134 max:186 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Very poor warmup.

Orienteering (MTB) race (Pierce's Creek) 2:04:54 intensity: (2:38 @1) + (13:47 @2) + (50:32 @3) + (55:07 @4) + (2:50 @5) ** 40.15 km (19.3 kph) +1058m
ahr:157 max:180 spiked:21/21c shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

ACT Long Champs

Hilly! I executed all my routes as planned without any errors although the course ended up a tad longer than expected (Marina seemed to think I'd go under the expected 105-115min winning times but then the advertised distance was 23km straight line).

Managed to find the blackberries again today but unlike yesterday I made a visit to first aid after I finished because I didn't think boarding the plane covered in blood would have been a good look. Plus today's tear up was a bit more pronounced than yesterday's (I have welts and everything).

Again won M21 (although once more got flogged by Todd Nowack on the same course in M40) and wrapped up the national series award (needed two results this weekend to get it after three MPs earlier in the season so ended up with four 1st places, one 2nd place and three MPs). Also the first time I've traveled to ACT and actually won more than one event. The previous three occasions I've had 1-4-3 (2013), 2-2-1 (2015) and 2-1 (2017). Also the first time I've won a middle distance event here, which means I now have middle and long distance wins in all states/territories that actually hold regular championship events. Still missing sprint wins in both NSW and Vic. Have to wait for SA to have a full weekend of events before committing to traveling there again (ironically SA was the first state outside of WA that I competed in, way back in 2010, although technically the middle event then was in Vic, just over the border).

2018 also marks the most number of official* MTBO events I've done in a single year across the most countries with Aus (11), NZ (3), Hungary (5), Sweden (6) and Austria (7) all represented. Was hoping to fit in five Australian states/territories also but fell short thanks to work next weekend. Should be able to retry for that next year with ACT conveniently having their state champs the weekend before the nationals in Vic (after I convinced them to move it).

*There were plenty of unofficial events that had timing but were actually training events in Austria, NZ and Sweden

Saturday Oct 13 #

7 AM

Running warm up/down 10:57 intensity: (5 @1) + (3 @2) + (6:22 @3) + (51 @4) + (3:36 @5) 1.84 km (5:56 / km) +3m 5:53 / km
ahr:161 max:182 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

Running race (Ginninderra parkrun) 21:22 intensity: (10 @2) + (52 @3) + (6:25 @4) + (13:55 @5) 5.0 km (4:16 / km) +47m 4:05 / km
ahr:175 max:186 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

Another parkrun to add to the list, only 1.5km from Fedor and Marina's house so easy to get to (warmup run was on the way there). First parkrun I've been to without a toilet at the start. Surprisingly I was the only 'tourist' there, at least the only one to put my hand up. Today also didn't get the 200+ that Ginnenderra's been getting lately (192 was close) even though there was only very slight drizzle when I left home (it stopped after about a minute)

With a real race later in the day this was never going to be a flat out effort so I set the VP to 4:29 and just kept under that, well under as it turned out. Stayed behind Mr Potatohead and Specsavers for the first 3km but every time I eased past either of them, they surged to about 10m ahead before I reeled them in again. At about 3.2km I went past them both and neither surged again so I ended up a good 35sec clear in the end so they must have both self destructed. Did catch a guy with earphones on the last downhill but he must have seen me coming (I got level with him) and he upped the pace a bit. I wasn't willing to do so and let him go although the 1km splits suggest this was my fastest km by a fair bit (I did feel as though I went faster) and the downhill helped.

Very enjoyable loop course, would do again if I'm in the area (had been hoping to do a different Canberra parkrun next week but circumstances changed so I won't be there). Also means I've now done four consecutive weeks of parkrun, which must be some kind of record for me. Shame it will end next week.

Running warm up/down 8:04 intensity: (4 @1) + (2:27 @2) + (5:33 @3) 1.38 km (5:50 / km) +25m 5:20 / km
ahr:145 max:159 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

11 AM

Mountain bike warm up/down 24:22 intensity: (5:48 @1) + (7:54 @2) + (6:27 @3) + (4:08 @4) + (5 @5) 9.7 km (23.9 kph) +109m
ahr:138 max:175 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Orienteering (MTB) race (East Kowen Forest) 54:47 intensity: (8 @1) + (2:02 @2) + (12:12 @3) + (30:31 @4) + (9:54 @5) *** 16.63 km (18.2 kph) +290m
ahr:166 max:184 spiked:12/14c shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

ACT Middle Champs

Great area and a well set course. I made my #1 'do not do' mistake on the way from 2-3 and changed my route partway, which meant turning around (20s) and then the new route had me climbing over two gates (45s) whereas my original route would have been much faster.

Also missed the dotted track into #4 but it was poorly mapped and the circle wasn't cut so hard to see, cost me another 45s or so riding the squiggly track.

Poor route from 7-8, didn't want to go around the outside trail for some reason even though it was (possibly) shorter and predominately downhill, unlike the route I ended up taking. Fortunately Fedor had folded that route off his map otherwise end result could have been much different.

Won M21 by just 24s (only 1s in front of Fedor at the second last so put a lot of time into him over the finish) although was beaten by Todd Nowack on M40 by >2mins (same course).

Mountain bike 1:27:52 intensity: (31:09 @1) + (40:53 @2) + (15:38 @3) + (12 @4) 19.74 km (13.5 kph) +269m
ahr:128 max:162 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

This was meant to just be a cool down ride but I ended up on the Sparrow Hill trails and rode all of the 'long loop', which also included an A line at one point to the top of Sparrow Hill where I fell off on a rocky descent. Still made it back in time for presentations because I knew the last starter wasn't until sometime around 2pm whereas I had started at 12:18.

Friday Oct 12 #

5 PM

Mountain bike 1:44:14 intensity: (57:33 @1) + (26:13 @2) + (20:28 @3) 26.85 km (15.5 kph) +504m
ahr:119 max:161 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Had a nap after the long drive up from Sydney (didn't sleep on the overnight flight) but finally put the bike together and went out for a ride. Original plan was to just do some warm up exercises in preparation for tomorrow's race but Fedor asked if I was going to Bruce Ridge so that was the end of that plan.

Probably needed a map to get to Bruce Ridge because even though all I had to do was go over the hill and cross the road (which should have taken 6-7 minutes), it ultimately took me 24 minutes to get there (I had more than one navigation mishap on the way there).

Had a nice ride around the single track there anyway Wanted to make the most of it given the truncated trip so went out until it was close to getting dark (Fedor had said 7:15 so I started heading home around then).

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