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Training Log: bl

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 3:29:15 8.39(24:56) 13.5(15:30) 213
  Walking3 1:49:33 3.77(29:03) 6.07(18:03) 91
  Weightexercise workout2 1:15:00
  Snow shovelling1 55:00
  Wood hauling/stacking1 30:00
  Cardio1 10:00
  Total7 8:08:48 12.16 19.57 304

Saturday Nov 17 #


Thought I would work in a "run" or something qualifying for AP "training" but whiled away the day with worthwhile chores in an "other" category. And too soon dark and too soon tired. Best accomplishment was getting a moderate-sized burn pile to burn completely after considerable effort.

On another note, fun and games at the bird feeder. We have numerous dependent (-made) visitors. Daily, visit the same 5-6 gray squirrels and the same turkey pair, the latter for the past two weeks. Beth says the female first came around mid-Sept. What rascals, domineering the birds and not a one in "one big happy family". But all the "needy" provide entertainment.

You're late!

Glass Menagerie.

An "only-birds" feeder Beth bought and put up yesterday. I generously gave it less than a week. It was less than 24 hours before the site proved inadequate.

Friday Nov 16 #

Snow shovelling 55:00 intensity: (30:00 @2) + (25:00 @3)

Got about 6-7" last night. Was pleased to get a car out to the road to get to work the first time ("no slips, one run, no errors"), making some lanes and digging out the plow mound by the road. Our plow guy had not come yet. Finished up most of the rest after work. It had warmed & the snow was heavier.

Weightexercise workout 40:00 [1]

Cardio 10:00 [2]

Elliptical. Really should do a lot more of this. Right hamstring has receded into the background since it has been so long since track workouts (late August). I only notice it (as a dull ache) when I sit too long on a car seat.

Thursday Nov 15 #

Wood hauling/stacking 30:00 [1]

Quite a bit of this as snow, sleet, rain is forecast tonight -- a stitch in time before it is considerably more work . 17F this morning for the wake-up call.

Wednesday Nov 14 #

3 PM

Walking 1:11:55 [1] 1.98 mi (36:18 / mi) +88m 31:54 / mi

Nottingcook O walk, start about 3pm. Sunny, cold, windy. Went up Norwegian Ridge and along it. Still lots of streamers present from the MTB trail idea. I removed a few but there were too many and it was on the cold side for fumbling & getting small bits. In & out of hemlock and beech-oak forest. Nice outing. Heard one rifle shot & I think it was "Got Snow" coming in to presumably hunt around 4:20.
6 PM


Monday maps. A lot of green, a lot of clustered points.



Tuesday Nov 13 #

Weightexercise workout 35:00 [1]

Monday Nov 12 #

9 AM

Walking 26:00 [1] 1.3 mi (20:00 / mi)

To start triangle
10 AM

Orienteering 3:29:15 [3] 8.39 mi (24:56 / mi) +213m 23:07 / mi

2016 Billy Goat at Townsend SF. Ernst brought back a map from the meet for me. I’ve been to TSF twice this fall. Going back for a BG trial seemed an attractive challenge. It was in the high 40s & sunny though day’s start had been much colder. I started just before 11am. Had 3h 40’ in mind and was a bit under. Concentration & map contact for that long about wore me out. Skipped #4. Didn’t care for legs 1, 20 as well as the run in to the finish from 22. Chose a trail run to #20 which was the pits. There was also about 75m of inundated trail necessitating a wide detour into the woods.

Best legs were probably to #13 & to #16. Brief but significant confusion on the way to #14. I chose to go E out the drainage and around the large RF that spilled me out on the trail. Almost immediately I saw a rather distinct trail going N that I couldn’t find on the map. Nothing made sense until I saw it on the map, close to a minute spent wondering WTF. There were a lot of streams to cross and a lot of mountain laurel to negotiate, both became tiring. Didn’t see a single person. In fact, only 1 squirrel, no birds. It didn’t feel cold but it required continual movement to feel about right.

Looking at splits from 2016, my approach was “brisk walk, minimize error time”, get around the course satisfactorily. Not comparative - two and a half years older (counts for quite a bit over 70), lack of competitors etc.

Drove home on Rte 13 which borders TSF and goes right to Dunbarton, thru Mt. Vernon, New Boston, Goffstown. Nice day. No cramps. But stiff and sore after the drive home & quick to ibuprofen and a hot shower.

2 PM

Walking 11:38 [1] 0.49 mi (23:44 / mi) +3m 23:17 / mi

Return to car.

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