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Training Log: Dooby

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling2 1:57:18 35.19(3:20) 56.63(2:04) 597
  Walking2 1:34:00 4.45(21:08) 7.16(13:08) 46
  Road1 1:00:03 7.65(7:51) 12.31(4:53) 136
  Trails/Road1 48:40 5.88(8:16) 9.47(5:08) 137
  Turbo Trainer1 42:34
  Total7 6:02:35 53.17 85.56 915

Friday Apr 3 #

11 AM

Cycling 59:44 [3] 28.84 km (2:04 / km) +309m 1:58 / km
shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Loop from home

Same as Wednesday but in the opposite direction. Not as easy this way as the junctions aren't in my favour. Climb is probably more spread out though so breaks in between the ramps. I started the lap down the road rather than up the road today, resulted in some extra climb.

Not was much wind today but did get hit by some rain, light shower on the 2nd lap but only on part of the lap, the top part.

seconds respectively up the Gortagullane Wall. The main problem with the wall is the surface, rough, would be easier, if possible, with a better surface.

Laps were consistent enough.
And it's spot on 9km.
4 PM

Walking 47:15 [2] 3.61 km (13:06 / km) +23m 12:42 / km
ahr:83 max:134

Thursday Apr 2 #

10 AM

Trails/Road 48:40 [3] 9.47 km (5:08 / km) +137m 4:48 / km
ahr:152 max:169 shoes: New Balance 890

Poulnaderka & Blue Pool

Nicer morning than I thought, felt cold, but head warmed up quickly so took off my hat. I'm not sure running past the CEs house when working from home in the middle of the day is the smartest of moves but I had a couple of hours work done at that stage, so was entitled to a break.

Legs not feeling too bad, tired starting off but warmed into it.

Did 2 different loops in Blue Pool trying to maximise use of the different paths. I did get very close to 2 people though, difficult to get a 2m gap in some places.

Wednesday Apr 1 #

10 AM

Cycling 57:34 [3] 27.79 km (2:04 / km) +288m 1:58 / km
shoes: Spiuk ZS11

3 * loops from home of Lough Guitane & Mangerton Roads

Not the easiest of loops, all 3 of them consistant enough in terms of time. The last one was the slowest but it was the fastest up Mangerton Road, go figure.

Didn't get too bored. Cold into the headwind but not too bad. Weather supposed to involve rain later in the week so good to take advantage of the fine weather while it's there.
3 PM

Walking 46:45 [2] 3.55 km (13:09 / km) +23m 12:45 / km
ahr:97 max:159

Short walk with the family.

Erik is quite demanding in terms of who pushes the buggy, Mummy. So I get to walk along handily enough without having to push what is a heavy buggy with 2 of them in it. I did take over after a while for the uphill part of the loop.

Cool into the wind but grand with it at our backs.

Tuesday Mar 31 #

10 AM

Road 1:00:03 [3] 12.31 km (4:53 / km) +136m 4:37 / km
ahr:152 max:181 shoes: New Balance 890

From home taking in Blue Pool & Poulnaderka

Safely within 2km of home

Will keep it as Road since the majority was on that surface. Lovely sunny day. I'll count this as my tea break from work.

Blue Pool has had a bit more clearing done by the Meitheal group, around the pool itself. Looking well as a result.

A garda van and a fire engine passed me on Mangerton Road. There's a gorse fire on Mangerton at the moment. The one in Dinis in the news over the weekend wouldn't have been farmers but this one is likely to be.

Legs feeling tired towards the end but overall they were ok. I have realised that I probably won't be able to see a physio should I need one so need to be careful.

Monday Mar 30 #

10 AM

(rest day)

Time for a plan for the week. Working at home today! Had an idea for a run, have a car outside the house that should be at my brother-in-laws, thought I might drop it over to them and run home. But that would be against the spirit of the current restrictions and they don't need the car for a few more weeks.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Run
Wednesday - Bike
Thursday - Run
Friday - Bike
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Run/Bike

Bike might be indoors or out if the weather is ok, a few laps of the local loop would be a sort of intervals with the climb.

Sunday Mar 29 #

11 AM

Turbo Trainer 42:34 [2]
ahr:134 max:145

Breaking Bad S03 E12

This wasn’t easy. Same struggles as last time on the turbo but today was worse. Disappointed. I did check the resistance before starting and that hasn’t changed.

Was talking to an ‘older person’ earlier, for their morning run they did leave the house for 2 miles but did 4 then around the garden, 8 laps to the mile.

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