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Training Log: jima

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mapping1 3:00:29 2.83(1:03:47) 4.55(39:38) 112
  Orienteering1 1:13:04 3.84(19:02) 6.18(11:50) 81
  Total1 4:13:33 6.67(38:01) 10.73(23:38) 192
  [1-5]1 1:11:44

Saturday May 1 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:13:04 intensity: (1:20 @0) + (6:15 @1) + (24:59 @2) + (35:25 @3) + (5:05 @4) 6.18 km (11:50 / km) +81m 11:06 / km
ahr:140 max:160 shoes: Red SpikeCross 5 GTX Salomon

Townsend BYOM - Green
Parked in the small lot, was getting my o-shoes on when a small blue car with familiar plates pulled in right beside me - Alar! He was planning on running Red, I opted for Green.
Tried scanning in for QR code timing, but the really rains had infiltrated the sleeves some of the sheets were in - registration code was soggy and had a crease across it. We took the tape off to try to straighten it out but is just fell apart - watch timing was the order of the day.
Good to 1, then for some reason after leaving it I went about 20 meters and turned left off the line towards 2. Worked my way up to it, but lost some time.
To 5, wanted to follow the narrow marsh up to it, but got pulled left too early in another reentrant and foundered through the thick stuff.
To 7, looped around high, caught a glimpse of what ended up being a Blue control, knew it was higher than what my control should be, but went up to it anyways. It was number 322, I was looking for 332. Lost a bit of time as I was uncertain in my approach from there, dropped down a bit low before heading up to it.
To 9 taking a Gu on my way out of 8, so wasn't paying attention to my compass or how much i was dropping - drifted right/downhill to a rocky area.
Got back well before Alar, changed stretched had some lunch, then a bit more time visiting when he returned.
Then off to the next activity.

Mapping 3:00:29 [0] 4.55 km (39:38 / km) +112m 35:18 / km
shoes: Inov-8G 260 Mudclaw

Mapping a neat little section of the Hollis Town Forest. One long mtn bike trail that snaked through most of it. KT vegetation view was pretty good, so pulling the various shades of green onto the map wasn't too onerous.
Freshly logged area on the other side of a larger trail will take more time - full open, semi-open, inconsistent clean-up of slash. Lots of good firewood-sized stuff left sitting on the ground - wish it wasn't so far from the trailhead, would have brought a pickup bed full home with me.
Not too warm, nice breeze - great day for mapping. No bugs, other than one tick wandering around on my forearm when I got back to my truck.
Feeling pretty beat after a few hours.

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