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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Red Day 2


1. Ran straight to the road, figuring that I would go in from the bend to the trail and find the control easily. No such luck. Did some searching around.
2. Ran along the stream bed then went up to the 2 big triangles SSW of the control (I think). Attacked from there, but his the little triangle on the left edge of the circle. Did a lot of running around with Ted Good, Terry Farrah, and company.
3. Thought I was careful, but screwed this one up as well (so Ted again). I could tell this was going to be a long day.
4. Went a little to the right of the line. Hit the sparsely forested area SE of the control. Found it okay.
5. Went up the reentrant on the line and over down to the control.
6. Hit a big sandy stream, but later hit the real one that I wanted with the big cliff. I proceeded to go way past the control. Saw Ryan Breseman on the way back.
7. Went straight looking for the gray rock on the right side. Actually did this one right. Punched in with Ryan and Rick Breseman.
8. Took off down the stream bed then contoured around at the rocks. Went up over the broad hill, then over the stony hill.
9. Tried to go straight until I hit the trail junction, but I ended up waaaayyy right at the clearing. I saw Jan Ingebritzen coming the opposite way. I thought to myself, wow he must have really screwed up to be way over here. Turns out I was way over there. Damn. At least I was able to work my way over to the control decently from there.
10. Went straightish. Saw that I was going towards 3 and told myself that I need to keep going to 10. Saw the big rocky spire NW of the control which momentarily confused me.
11. Went to the stream junction, up to one of the man-made objects. Attacked from there. I was still slow into the control. Saw Ryan again.
12. Cut over to the trail, but hit control #13 first. As was typical of my day, I still screwed up going to 12 even though it was a short leg.
13. Very carefully read everything along the way.
14. Attacked from the trail junction NNE of the control. I was going down between 2 cliffs, but I didn't expect it on the map. Passed Anders who was standing there doing nothing (he told me later he was taking pictures). I kept going through the chute and found the control at the end on the left.
15. Carefully went to this control, because I didn't want to have a big screw-up with an audience.
F. One of the few controls I did right, even though I jogged it in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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