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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Red Day 2


1. +01:00Trails confused me. Then couldn't grasp rock detail in the circle - which would bedevil me all day.
2. +00:30Left to road then up reentrant. Pulled up short.
4. +00:20Fast up onto spur but stopped at boulder cluster SE of circle.
5. Went R of line and attacked across bare rock from S.
6. +01:00Ran like the wind - straight over the middle of the cliffs rather than around the N as intended. Lost some time trying not to fall to my death. After that fine with a little hesitation in knolls NW of circle.
7. +01:30Rough bearing due S at speed...why don't map and terrain match?, where is the hilltop?...umm, the problem would be that I'm navigating from 7 to 8 instead of 6 to 7. Easy from there.
8. Cautious into control to avoid parallel error. Starting to feel like I've been out here for a long time.
9. +03:00Went straight - solid RC, great run, coming out dead on the trail intersection R of the line, up and over into circle... can't find control... and can't make out enough detail on the map to relocate quickly. Even later with a magnifying glass, it's difficult to see the detail well enough to relocate. Is there some rule against 1:10000 scale?
10. +00:30Briefly lost contact with map but saw reentrant by #3 below and took it as the safe route, then over saddle behind the big rock tower. Reached clearing, checked boulder before seeing control on cliff.
11. +01:00John F flies by and drags me down reentrant than vanishes when I check my map. I get a lift from this as I expected to see him go by a lot earlier - maybe I'm not doing so poorly. I miss to the L and see him go by behind me while standing atop a cliff to SE of circle. Finally make sense of clearings and head where JF came from. Aha!
12. +01:30Down reentrant and across spurs below rock. Veered R and spiked #13. Stood there very confused, wondering why anyone would map this as a cliff and why there would be two controls marked 68 in such close proximity to each other. Oh, shoot!
13. Not hard to find the control one just came from.
14. +00:30Attacked from above because I couldn't figure out what was going on with the contours to SE of the circle. Really not thinking well. Hesitated atop the spur the control was hung on, then checked reentrant to the south first.
15. +00:30No plan - just in a hurry to finish. Bombed southwards and ran to first control I saw. Not mine - maybe time to check the map?

Total Time Lost - 00:11:20

Split Analysis

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