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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals Festival: Farsta


1. Me. Glen said I'd improve my AP ranking if I logged our shared farsta under me (he didn't want to LOWER his AP ranking). I'll note which legs he did (2nd loop, GRGG) and which I did (1st loop, RGRR).
2. Me again.
3. Glen.
4. Glen
5. Glen
6. Glen
7. Me
8. Me
9. Me - took the woods route (around the rocks, but still slower than running down the trail--d'oh!)
10. Me
11. Me--racing toward the handoff to Glen
12. Glen
13. Glen
14. Glen
15. Me
16. Me
17. Glen
18. Glen
19. Glen
20. Glen
F. Glen

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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