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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Classic - Green


1. +00:15Wanted to be very careful so ran the trail all the way past the creek then up creak to control
2. Bad map reading
Went to trail and came out at spring but couldn't see the spring on the map so hesitated there for a while. Went left on trail as planned and then a right along trail to left of control. Saw another flag close to trail, checked it and then saw my flag and Craig Weber just ahead.
3. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Came off the trail intersection but must have been off my bearing cause was left of control, higher on the hill. Hesitated when I saw the bag cause I hadn't read the contours well enough to realize how far down the hill it should be.
4. Bad map reading
Attack point was low area and re-entrant just before the hill and control. Again, didn't read the map within the circle so got up on the hill and didn't know what to look for. Saw my flag but didn't go to it because I didn't see any rock (plus I saw Craig Weber go to it and it didn't look like he "punched").
5. Did not follow plan
Planned to run the trail and then cross swampy area to flag. Swampy area look so green and nasty though that I decided to go all the way around to yellow field. Field was way slow though. Ack.
8. Did not read control description
The northern spur was the only spur I saw in the circle so messed around it for a while then finally noticed my clue sheet and looked to the south.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:20

Split Analysis

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