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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: XI


1. Trying to move comfortably. On the trail, I found it not far from normal to be running in my road training shoes. I left my o-shoes at home. I did however feel some aches in my thighs from the little training run I did earlier in the week. I took my time but felt I was exerting pretty good. Everyone else was just moving faster. On the way up, Samantha Seager and Jon Frederickson passed me in a steep area.
2. +00:25I was behind Sam going down. It was hard to get around. She had the better way through and I couldn't go fast enough through worse footing to pass until we got to flatter ground. I didn't realize that we'd be e-punching at every control. After pin punching and moving away, Steve Olafsen told me about the e-punch box. I went back but lost only 25 or so seconds.
3. +01:00Though I'd looked on the way to #2, I didn't look at this much before leaving because of the snafu with not seeing the e-punch box. I followed another guy and Steve Olafsen out. We were on the high side to the right when we should have been hitting the trail. Steve asked if he was missing something. I saw his map and he was still looking at the B&W side for the trail run so I told him to flip it. We slowed at a bend in the ridge. I knew right away that we should be lower to the left and started to head there. I soon saw others that had been behind, now ahead on the trail. We got in just before Dave Onkst who was surprised to see me. Up the trail, I slowly caught Peter G. and an entourage of others: Jeff Saeger, Hillary Saeger... Peter G. dropped off the pace, I passed then stopped ahead as I saw another person cutting in to the left. It looked right to me but Jeff S. and his daughter kept going. I was loathe to leave the pack but knew we'd gone far enough from the rise to the left. After hesitation, I cut left and almost immediately found myself on the intermittant trail leading up to the control. I cut over the first rise thinking it'd be there then realized it was ahead on the next one. Some others were around.
4. I ran out and was soon passed by Peter G. Some others were ahead. We used the path while at least one ran parallel to in on our left. I was fairly confident of where to go but Peter was moving fast and led me there. Others converged, some ahead and some behind.
5. My first glance at this told me it wouldn't be that bad. Just get into the bowl and find the group of boulders. Reading the index contour and not seeing two bowls ended up surprising me. The regular contours do show a spur dividing two bowls but this was too faint for me to notice while on the run. I was still chasing Peter so when we got to the first and didn't see the rocks I was perplexed. Peter paused only slighty before going on leading me into the next. I suppose that this is time in my favor for staying with Peter.
6. I looked at this leg before going out, but not long enough. Peter looked longer. That should have been and indication to me to slow and think. I wanted to go high to the right and started to. When I saw that others were getting ahead by staying in the reentrant more, I changed my route left a bit and reached the end of the white woods. I forged ahead moving more to the right again, aiming for a patch of white woods and short running time in the slash. I think it was Andrew Komm who was ahead of me and moving more quickly. Peter didn't go this way. Andrew and I in chase drifted right a bunch due to the slope and thicker vegetation in the direction I wanted to go. At a marsh, I thought more about staying closer to Andrew than which way around to go so I followed him on the right side when I should have gone to the left. This took me to even thicker green and I lost Andrew. I eventually popped out at a diverging stream and postulated correctly, that I was 200m west of the big bend in the trail. Going left and hitting the bend assured me of where I was (it was also assuring to already have run this section). I left from the bend angling up. It was steep so I started to zig zag on purpose. I hit an intermmitant trail. It had better footing and slope so I climbed it even though it was not direct. It helped me know exactly where I was. When I hit some stony ground I knew it was time to leave. I attacked. Nearly over the worst climbing, I saw Peter going right to left, leaving the control. Wondering why at first, I watched more as he took a nasty fall. I yelled but not loud enough. He was up on his feet pretty quick any way and going downhill--still perplexing. I kept going and thought it'd be on one spur but not seeing it, I read the map more and saw there were two. I kept going and spiked it just as a guy in green missed it by about 40m. Peter was 4 min. faster than me on this leg so I must have lost that much with my bad route choice and poor early execution.
7. Ross Smith was just behind me getting to #6 from another direction. I did read the leg enought at first to know to go down but soon figured it out--now Peter's descending fall made a sort of sense to me... Ross passed but I eventually got the trail first. For the 3rd time on the trail, I still didn't see any water set out to drink. I must have been looking at the footing too much. I didn't notice the left intersection either but read the big features enough to know roughly where I was. I ate one Gu on the run since I knew the aid station would be soon.
8. Over to the aid station. I drank a liter of Gatorade, ate two bannanas and replenished Gu supplies. I drank too much and felt heavy. Up the trail, I wasn't reading features well enough at first. I did cut left appropriately between the knolls and saw someone (Army) ahead making a poor attack. I headed right to it but gave it away. The other guy got it first.
9. +02:00Leaving, I knew I didn't want to follow the Army guy. I staying high to the right. I had it in my mind that the next control was #12, not #9. I got on the wrong trail, then realized what I'd done. I next tried to correct by going straight toward the correct trail. A marsh blocked my way. I got across but was tentative when I didn't see the trail at first. I knew Ross had passed me at the previous intersection and the Army guy was probably somewhere ahead too. I went to the stream crossing and cut left. Heading to the saddle, I crossed the stony ground and used the stonewall corner to turn toward the control. I spiked it from there.
10. By myself. Straight, but carefully reading stuff alon the way. I spiked it.
11. Straight again, checking off stuff along the way. I spiked it but was probably a bit slow.
12. I stayed high along the ridge for better running. A the trail,I cut right, crossed the stream, then cut left at the next intersection. Just before getting to the stone wall, I saw and passed Andrew Komm going a more direct route. He couldn't see that I was on a trail, and he running parallel to it. It seemed that he chased. I paused at the stone wall then attacked perfectly.
13. +02:30I wanted to get away from Andrew so I left quickly. I should have dropped back down to the trail but it seemed to be dropping when I read it--wrong! I though going around on the right side in the open woods would be good. The green had extended and got very thick. Once on the other side, I turned west and got moving better. I hit a trail and mistook it for the one I'd seen earlier. After 30 seconds, I realized it was going donwhill and NW. Rather than run back up, I aimed toward the control and bush wacked. Out of the thick stuff finally, I saw JJ Cote ahead. I slowly gained and passed him just before the control. I saw where the mountain top was so I aimed lower to the south and found myself on the right spur. Just as I was getting there, J & H Seager were leaving. JJ was just behind.
14. +00:30I ate a Gu and drank. Dave Onkst and Bernie Breton were approaching as I left behind JJ. I wanted to catch the Seagers. The troop seemed to be going too far left. The map showed whiter woods on the more direct route but when I tried to go that way, I got hung-up. Dave had warned me but I ignored it. I ended-up chasing everyone and getting stuck at the end, unable to pass in the thick areas. I kept thinking we were too low. Once on better terrain, I slowly caught the Seagers but I'm glad they and JJ were leading. I was unsure where we were until all stopped and Hillary charged down further to the control.
15. JJ got out first. I passed him as he paused and lead to the control going mostly straight. Others were in close pursuit. I did want to increase the pace to break-up the pack and leave it.
16. I charged-off ot the next control going straight again. Coming from low along the marsh I seemed to be getting away. I popped up for the control hoping no one had seen me.
17. Down quick and around the marsh on the right side. I heard the telltale wobble of a rock I had stepped on earliers and knew that Hillary had also found #16 now. I ran straight but got stuck on a cliff. I crossed it in a better place but not as safely as I would have liked. Andrew Komm caught me and found a faster way down. So did others. I was one of the first punching but everyone was together again.
18. I saw what looked to be a trail down low and headed for it. Everyone else went more straight. I crossed the stream and didn't see the trail so I bailed out and started chasing to catch-up with the others again. In the process, I unknowingly ran right next to the trail, not hitting it until above the stream--after not seeing it, in my mind I wasn't sure if the trail was a trail or actually a line of cliffs. Eventually, I got to leading on the trail but I paused one bend too soon. JJ led next and I confirmed to myself that we were leaving from the correct bend. As we descended again, I saw the control on the next hilll about 80m away and shouted it out. This paused JJ. I got ahead and punched. Time lost for not sticking to my plan - 30 seconds.
19. I was seriously thinking of going around but JJ and the rest of the troop got the jump on me going a bit left of straight. It was slow going over the steep and thick ridges. We got around the marsh easily (over the last part but still dry) then everyone stopped. The rock wasn't to be seen. I looked at the edge of the marsh and my compass and realized it'd be south a bit (right or the line we'd taken). JJ was already started walking briskly as everyone else scattered. One guy went straight on away from the marsh and this seemed to draw others. I tried to catch-up to JJ and by the time I did, we were there.
20. I thought seriously about shouting out where #19 was but JJ was leaving quietly and I thought he might not appreciate it. We trudged out and I played catch-up again. The guy who was looking away from the marsh was coming back. JJ, then I told him it was behind us a way. JJ was moving fast. I was keeping a steady pace behind him. As I got a better look at the leg crossing the power lines, I checked and re-checked to conclude that the best way for me would be the road. As we neared, JJ veered left a bit going downhill. I could see buildings ahead a bit to the right so I cut off the corner and got ahead of him. He was 35m back by the time I reached the road. I ran smoothly, not too fast and was glad it was downhill. I think I ate a Gu along the way. I turned the final right at the trailhead to backdoor the control rather than go through the messy thick area around it.
21. I stopped at the aid station, drank some Gatorade but not as much as before, ate two bannana pieces and a cookie before taking off. Once I got the map, I took time enough to see that going up the road the way I'd come would be best. I wondered why JJ wasn't here yet. On the road, I saw the guy who was headed back to #19 running through the woods, and not using the road. After passing the waterfall, I cut into the woods and crossed near the small confluence. Cramps started-in on me. It was about 3:15:00 into the race. I had to walk a bunch but no one seemed to be around. The control came-up faster than I thought it would and I was glad that it was so visible.
22. I took the right fork to 22B. I kept a good bearing and read the ridge to the left to hit the narrow gap in the green marsh perfectly. It was not hard to get through at all and I spiked the control. I still lost some time due to cramping and a lot of walking.
23. +02:00As I exited, I thought I'd hit the small trail and follow it to the T-intersection where I could turn right. I hit the larger trail without knowing it and turned right looking for the intersection. I wasn't reading the terrain well. If I had, I'd of noticed rounding the ridge. When the trail turned right suddenly, I thought I was at the intersection and that the left part had disappeared on the old map. I should have kept straight there and gotten onto the intermittant trail but instead I followed the trail through the bend and started up the hill. After about a minute, I turned back, realizing what I'd done. I picked-up the intermittant trail from the bend and jogged along stopping to walk over fallen logs. I was making good time going downhill and got on the next main trail. I left fromt he bend thinking that the control was near the index contour which I was already just above--I thought to go around on the left side rather than risk more cramping by climbing over the hill going around the green on the right. As I started into the steep rocky side slope, I had to stop due to cramping. Soon I heard sounds behind. Hillary and Jeff caught and passed me. We had to go downhill a bit more than I planned to get around the green. Finally getting around the bend, Jeff kept telling Hillary to cut uphill more to the right. He was correct I struggled 2-3 contours up to hit it without further loss. Going straight up the hill was better than siderunning.
24. With downhill in front of me, I felt energized and my cramping stopped. I angled toward the saddle where Jeff and Hillary were going. At the trail crossing, Hillary stopped and I kept going to get ahead. I saw the small knoll and saddle ahead and opened a gap on Hillary and Jeff. I angled toward the next saddle and started going down. I was too high when I stopped at a boulder. I stopped a bit and Hillary moved ahead, figuring it out ahead of me. I had to go past the control to get down a cliff but punched just a little bit behind her.
25. With a long downhill, and close to the end, I felt energized. I passed Hillary as we entered the top of the ski area then ran quick down the main trail. I wasn't sure if I was putting distance on her or not but I knew she was a good sprinter. On the way down, I shook the map so much that I couldn't tell what the feature was (I didn't have time to copy control codes before the start). I ran to just before the finish and stopped to read. I cut left still not sure of the feature but as I ran, I saw it and punched. Hillary and Jeff were still coming down the hill but through the more direct and rougher hillside.
F. I started to sprint fast but my right hamstring started to tighten. I didn't want to get passed this way so I hopped in part of the last bit and kept my place. I was overall pleased with the run. It's always nice just to run in Harriman. A long run is better. I didn't expect much by way of place but finished better than I thought I might, given the lack of traininig.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:25

Split Analysis

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