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Race Evaluation

WCOC Tarrywile Meet: Red


1. +03:00Looked so easy, just 40 m. off trail, but it was much further down and I spent a long time looking. Karen Muffati (2 min behind) showed up and eventually we found it, along with another fellow who had started behind her.
2. W of the old stone building and past the wooden tower and up the ridge. Karen was faster up hill.
3. Around private property and down to the road, cutting in on the trail by the field and on trails all the way.
4. On trail to junction, then contour and compass and in. Good leg.
5. Down to the marsh because rocks were so bad. By the time I got out to the trail I was well behind Karen and the other fellow and didn't see them again. On trail until start of reentrant and down reentrant to boulder.
6. S around marsh to trail and all the way around on trail, cutting in when I saw the cliff S of boulder.
7. N to trail and all the way around to where trail bends left to go N along stone wall, then on an angle from there.
8. Angle back to the trail for a few steps, then down side of big spur and around under and straight in.
9. Saw Tony M behind me as I went up the hill to the trail. He was further right. Tony passed me at trail junction near junk car, and took right fork up ahead of me. Sort of on compass from third junk car, below big cliffs and then through a slot up and over, crossing stone wall and then heading more E and uphill. Tony and Karen were both below me, but we all arrived together.
10. Contour and compass, crossing high in deep reentrant N of control and straight in. Tony was higher, Karen lower, so I was ahead of them for a little bit.
11. Picking my way down the hill and contouring N. Came out right on top of it, getting there the same time as Tony, who went straight down hill and came from the S.
12. Behind Tony to crossing between ponds and then up the hill. Karen caught up and helped me in, as I started to drift to a cliff to the right.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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