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Race Evaluation

WCOC Tarrywile Meet: Red


1. Lost the trail, but just kept going until I hit the broad reentrant, and then down to it.
2. Right of the building, then the little trail for a bit to the bend, then straight up the spur.
3. +00:15Took trail by the field and through the green. Spiked the boulder but no flag. Wasted 10-15 seconds before I saw it about 10 meters from the boulder, obscured by vegetation. That's a bit too far from the feature, in my opinion.
4. Trail to junction, then reading cliffs and boulders right to it.
5. South, through the nasty rocks above the marsh, then along the marsh (which was faster, even though my feet were sinking in). In retrospect, going straighter near the top would have been better, even though it added 4 lines.
6. Straight south to the trail. Then cut the corner, which probably was a bit slower than going around.
7. Took the trail right of line. A bit more climb, but more direct.
8. +00:20Left the trail at the little knoll with a cliff, then down the steep rocky hill. (The one drawback to wearing a contact is that I'm even slower on rocky descents because I can't see precisely where my feet are going). Came in a bit left and ran to the dot knoll 40 meters south of my dot knoll. Flag was visible from there.
9. Forked right and went to the junk car, then right f the big cliff, then reading cliffs right to it.
10. Contoured around the hillside right to it. Faster to stay higher and flatter?
11. Careful going down the hill, but then saw the flag from a ways away.
12. First hill I succombed to walking instead of running. Cliffs didn't seem to match the map very well, but no problem with it.
13. Downhill and fast!
F. Ditto.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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