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Race Evaluation

WCOC Tarrywile Meet: Red


1. Trail to reentrant, then contour around and down to cliff.
2. +00:10Up spur to wall. Tried to go R along bottom of wall but didn't look like a way up. So back and up stairs and along fence, to trail and up along spur to top of hill
3. L around private property, road to trail and up to final trail junction. Could see bag after a few steps on cross trail.
4. +00:30Trail to junction then contour and bearing, past rocks to reentrant. Into reentrant but no bag as I approached marsh. Turned around to see bag 30m back up reentrant. Must have gone right by.
5. Up to L between big boulders, around side of hill and down to trail headin N. Crossed to next trail and down till saw boulders and along to rock with boulder.
6. Trail all way around and in just before boulder next to trail and above cliff.
7. Up to trail, around to bend just after wall on L. Up reentrant and along stone walls through very sweet open woods.
8. Did not like map
Awful, awful, awful. Major boom. Over to trail and along to reentrant due E of bag.Straight along S side of reentrant and down spur. Nothing worked. Looked like I was looking at small hill N of little stream. So headed S and got into more area that couldn't read. Finally bailed to trail by stone wall - ugh! way S of where should be. Back up trail and this time carefully down reentrant to marsh and across. Wound up on structure had been looking at before. Finally established position and headed S, crossed trickle and then started seeing correct features and in. Believe map badly distorted from my attack direction. Others approached from earlier on the trail and found it ok.
9. Left towards trail to E and went straight at hill. Had to go NE to get to reentrant. Definitely bad map. Ran trail to R fork to bend, up reentrant, between to small hills, around and down by cliff to bag.
10. Kind of straight. Checked for tower and along flat top area, over to edge looking for reentrant and saw bag.
11. Down - finally. Could see bag at bottom.
12. Down, cross stream, up trail around and above cliffs. Followed a small trail to bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:40

Split Analysis

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