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Race Evaluation

WCOC Tarrywile Meet: Red


1. +00:15South out of start, then east on trail through field, cross road onto large trail, then small trail. Came in above control.
2. Up reentrant west of castle, up trail, no problems.
3. +02:00Bad route choice. North of OB, crossed road, then back into woods immediately after OB. Slow through messy woods, marsh, etc., to trail above Parks Pond. Then trails to control. Should have gone E of OB leaving control, then run the road to trail.
4. Slight hesitation in circle, but otherwise fine.
5. +00:30South along marsh, through nasty boulder field. Should have gone above boulder field/cliffs and eaten the slight extra climb.
6. South to large trail near OB. Stayed on trail south of hill near control, then in at the boulder near the trail. No problems.
7. Took small more eastern trail.
8. +00:15NW to wall/trail junction, down to flattish area south of control, into control Bit of hesitation in flat area figuring where exactly I was, but then cleanly into control.
9. Up to main trail near first junked car, then NE on trail at second junked car. Meant to go up about to index contour to run flatter area above the cliffy/rocky stuff, but cut in just too early. Wound up getting to enjoy the cliffy/rocky stuff anyway. Got lucky, though, as it wasn't bad.
10. +01:00Not great execution. Didn't climb enough, so wound up coming in on slow sidehill north of control.
11. Butt slide.
12. Slog.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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