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Race Evaluation

ROC Ski-O at Mendon Ponds Park: Mens Elite


1. put my skis on sooner than I should have and endured the ice and mud
2. roughest leg for me. I went south of Devils Bathtub thinking the trails would be better but would up in some twisty, thin, steep trails and took a couple good spills
3. skis off to get out of the 'hole' at Devils Bathtub then decent trails
4. long leg
5. long leg back to the south. The trails were getting better the further north I went. Went out to the road to north and followed road
6. mostly along road. skis off for about 1/3 of leg
7. finally some good trails! I was too tired to enjoy them.
8. Bushwhacked w/o skis for about 150m to get to trail going out of Control #7. Nice trials the rest of the way
9. bushwhacked with skis on through rough open. Was surprisingly easy
10. back north towards the questionable trials
12. skis off to get on top of the ridge but it was all down hill to the end after that!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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