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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: Blue, Day 1


1. Navigated to the correct feature, didn't see the flag, checked another nearby feature, thought I might be off to one side, so I went over one reentrant, then came back to where I had been in the first place, went a little further around the cliff, and found the control this time. Doh!
2. Nearly straight, just a bit to the right in the latter part to contour around the hill.
4. To the right of the marsh.
6. Contoured right, just above the yellow area, and then back to the purple line before I hit the trail.
8. Trail route way to the right, pas the Lemon Squeezer(? I think?), the up the final hill on the Bottlecap Trail (and went a smidge further than I should have, but I navigated down the hill from there fine).
9. Pretty much dead on the line the whole way. Passed some guy near the end who seemed puzzled and was muttering.
10. Almost dead straight, sucking on a packet of goop.
11. Headed out much too far to the right, and hit the trail pretty much at Times Square. My plan had been to go to the left around the hill, past Surebridge Mine, but at this opint I should probably have reconsidred and taken the right-hand route. But I didn't, I backtracked and went to the left anyway. And at the end I was wimpy and went around and came at the control below instead of climbing through some laurel.
12. Geez, I pity the poor slobs who had to drag water jugs up here!
13. Almost straight.
15. Hard to figure out the details in the circle, and I came at the control from the back.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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