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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: Blue, Day 1


2. +02:00Went too low on the big hillside, got stuck in some rocks/fallen trees for a while, then was hesitant on the approach, since I was not sure about how high I was - turned out to be the right height.
3. +00:45Went too far right, took a while to realize that I was standing right next to tthe yellow hill.
4. +01:00Hit the swamp to the right of the little knob to the north, did not feel like crossing it, so ran almost all the way around.
9. +02:00Was confused by the burned area, went too far right, noticed the open rock formation fith a cliff on its north side and then read the contours into the control.
10. +00:30Almost passed the control, but noticed the cliff it was under.
11. +06:00Worst leg of the race - had no real plan going into it, was kind of planning to bend around the first hill system to the left and then follow the indistinct trail between the hill systems. Instead when I crossed the road to the north of Times Square, the hill did not look too bad, so I decided to go over it. The climb was not too bad, but I decided that I had reached the southernmost summit of the system and proceeded to orienteer from that (stupid) assumption. Ended up looking for the control in the large re-entrant with the stream in it to the north from the correct one, took my time understanding that and spent a few minutes disentangling from the bushes (what were those things?)
14. +00:45Left the control too far to the west, but managed to find an extra water control, which was nice.
16. +01:00Had no plan, so ended up contouring on the slope, which was slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:00

Split Analysis

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