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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: red day2


1. good start- had confidence with scale and terrain
2. Ugh - was looking at base of much taller cliff than I should have been. Lost 10 minutes
3. was mad and tired already
4. was too far left and too high in the re-entrant. Lost about 3 minutes
5. long leg - burned area really threw me off. Exectuted route OK, but took my time
6. back on track
7. Ahhh trail. Left #6 at same time as M. Dominie. He went direct through white and I went around on trail. I got to #7 about 45 sec ahead of him
9. terrible. Dropped low into the valley instead of staying on ridge. Advantage was I could see control from 100m
11. overshot by 50m. Walked right by the cluster of boulders
12. spent rest of time trying to manage the pain from my feet.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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