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Race Evaluation

Crandalls Park Sprints: Sprint B


2. Plan was to go across field to road, but ended up turning left when I saw the climb. But then I got silly, not checking the map, and climbed anyway to the right of the building. Straight after leaving road.
3. Straight, but when I got to the trail (at the E-W part by the marsh) didn't take it, thinking I was closer to the control. A little marsh slogging...
4. Went directly to trail, since I was tired and didn't want to think too much. Around S of green, seeing Clem (on the green course) &George (on B) punch just ahead.
5. Around N of green, seeing George climb the hill. I followed, but dropped off the S side.
6. Almost caught up to George just before the trail. He took trail while I ran down the nose, somehow drifting WAY left, and hitting 3 knolls before the right one, (seeing George coming from it as I left my 3rd knoll).
7. Ran to R, avoiding hills. A pretty good route, although I should have cut into the woods just before the rough open.
8. Ran by the quonset, over some junk, finding the trail, but overrunning the control.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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