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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: 4 point relay - Leg 3 - Green


1. hard to read map in bright glare, so just ran up the hill into the woods to read map. Pushed up the hill, tough climb
2. +00:15on the line, past stone wall end, stone wall corner then another end and down through #9 for a preview. Then down the prominent reentrant but when I came up to my spur I had a brainfart and started to drop L off the spur to avoid the hemlock crap. Then remembered my control was back up on top of the spur.. Doh!!
3. +00:10up along clean gap just L of the line, stayed L of rocky ground then around and in. Didn't see flag at first and wasn't 100% sure the boulder I saw was big enough to be mapped to hesitated...
4. L of rocky knoll and straight down, dropped two cadets in here
5. straight on the line making sure I stayed above the green just before control
6. straight up hill through cliffs to trail, trail to sharp R turn, then straight over the top R of line, past wall corner and aimed straight for the narrow spot between barberry and darker green to R - tore my shorts but didn't lose much time
7. straight shot
8. +01:00didnt' read spur right and left slightly R of line passing below cliffs about 2/3 of the way there. Hestitated as the cliffs looked about right, but the wall/road to my R wasn't right. Spent longer than I should have reading the map and figuring out where I was before hooking L to the correct set of cliffs.
9. over spur to trail junction. Took trail to avoid crappy rocky hillside. Left trail at wall junction and hooked around to control slow on the uphill but I had done a recon of the control site enroute to #2 so it was clean
10. up reentrant L of line past end of wall then down toward field slowing down as I got close to make sure I didn't overshoot my reentrant.
11. running hard for the spectators... good split
12. +01:00knew the exit ahead so ran hard around the corner into the field, then slowed to read map again. Clean around E edge of green into next field, but didn't see the yellow under the control circle so was looking for control on near veg edge, didn't see it so started E and lower, then saw house/road, slowly came back up and realized flag was on veg edge past the yellow gap. Tricky
13. straight
14. straight, going L around thicket
15. took the road and in from end of parking area
16. pushing as hard as I could
17. ditto
F. the run in.... A very fine run for me, just the hesitation on #8 and #12 costing maybe a couple minutes total

Total Time Lost - 00:02:25

Split Analysis

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