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Race Evaluation

West Point: Blue 2


1. Right of pond
2. straight
3. +01:30dropped back to main path - way too much climb back up.
4. spike. See Benetis (who I didn't know) enter stage left as I leave.
5. Passed by Benetis, but I lucked onto small trail and left him floundering in boulders and crap.
6. Low. Benetis caught me on track climb. Stayed on trail to last possible minute (good). Then straight up with Benetis on my tail.
7. Benetis shot off. Since all I'd seen was him missing at 4&5 and following me at 6, I mistakenly assumed he was someone fast with flaky navigation. I didn't see much point in trying to keep up. Not that I could have, as it turns out.
9. +01:00Straight - up and down, through the green. Pretty dumb move.
10. Well left of swamp
11. +03:30Leaving control, spotted concertina wire with a millisecond notice. Jumped more by reflex than intnt, and was mighty relieved to clear it - had there been a second roll, I'd still be there. (Neil Dobbs reported being stuck for 4mins until helped out). Over the top - ridges were nice yesterday and again today, but lost concentration in the circle (climbed too hard?)
12. +02:30Lost touch in green, and took a fair bit to relocate - had to go up the hill
13. Along huge cliff foot
14. Tentative descending, then distracted by FK (indeed) control on what looked mighty like a boulder.
15. fairly straight. to small diagonal track.
F. I ran blue here about 10 years ago in a similar time. It was 4km shorter, had more climb and was rather unpleasant. This was a much better planned course, and if I was exhausted by the end that's the right of M40's who dont admit their age.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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