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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase:


1. Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Took a chance
Ran too fast
Read map too late
Followed others
One of the last to finish my beer so I had plenty of people to follow. Chased after the largest pack into the woods and moved up nicely while settling my stomach. Took a look at my map and saw we were not heading anywhere near the control. Everyone was racing but no one was orienteering. Pack reached the same conclusion and everyone turned right. We merged with the smarter people who had taken the road. Only one punch and a long line. 50 sec lost waiting.
2. Everyone strung out in a line. I started moving up but did my own orienteering this time. Still had to wait for the punch but only a few people. With Don Davis.
3. Started to run in a circle before realizing the course printing was upside down and aligned to S. Many people fell off W and lost time in the first reentrant while I continued to move up. Greg Walker was leaving as I approached. Peggy right behind me and Don and Pam James there too.
4. To trail then cut straight thru woods knowing I will hit the trail if my direction is off. I am at the front of the pack, Pam right behind. Do not know who is ahead but Peggy, Don, Brad Whitmore, Ted Good are all behind.
5. +01:30The beer is just a short run down the trail so I take off trying to get a cushion since I will lose time on the drinking. The group behind me wonders what I am doing as I forget about the junction and run off down the wrong trail. See Dan Walker heading toward the first control of the second loop. When the road does not appear I cut off into the woods cannot even see the beer station when I hit the road. Catch a glimpse of the back of my former pack heading out as I approach. 30 seconds to get the beer down and I leave just after Ted. He goes woods while I start on the road. Cut in and head for the high ground. Peggy comes from the N. She must have messed up something.
6. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Disturbed by others
SE to stream, contour some then pop over the spur. Ted has dropped back with a twisted ankle.
7. Sort of straight but hedge toward trail. Take it to past jct then down to ditch. Dan Walker is walking E on trail. Peggy is dropped Tom Strat is nearby. Do not know if I caught him or he caught me.
8. Tired
Trail across stream then up two contours. Should have stayed low. Walking the hills now. Don catches us and we are together at the control.
9. Bad compass work
My bearing is off and I end up 150 m S of the control. Still with Don and Tom.
10. Bad compass work
Trail in to the beer. Drink and leave. Don drinks slowly to savor his beer and gains no time on Tom or I. I am first to leave and start for trail to 14. Realize I have not punched 13 and stop to check my card. Next control is (10) and it looks like 16 on map. Trail to bend then cut in but am to far left again. (Not sure I like my backup compass). See reentrant but Don and Tom have caught up again. Check the incorrect code with description on back of map but punch anyway.
11. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Make an effort to keep from drifting left but we miss left anyway. Then we run left looking. Two reentrants later we decide we went the wrong way and head back. Greg and then Peggy pass us on their way to 12.
12. Head for trail using clearest woods and relocate from junction. Trail over spur then contour around.
13. Did not follow plan
Was going to follow stream up but initial direction was so bad I ended up going straight. Up ditch and over spur. Hesitated checking reentrant to SW allowing Don to retake the lead. Tom has disappeared.
14. Crossed above the ditches then followed the reentrant up. I am back in front of Don but only by a few seconds.
F. Bad route choice
I head for the trail and think I have left Don behind. Need to get ahead to hold him off on the beer drinking. Hear him thrashing though woods on straight line. He reaches road first. He drinks in one motion and is done before I have mine in hand.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:20

Split Analysis

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