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Race Evaluation

ROC - Powder Mills Park Regular Meet: Green


1. P D P R 1
2. P R 2
3. P R 1
4. P P 2 +01:00
5. P P 2 +01:00
6. 2 sawe Joel try to cross the creek in front of me and he had to slow way down. I was able to adjust slightly and cross at the road/bridge
7. 1 map seemed a bot off. the large reentrant behind the control extended into the park
8. P 2 got a glimpse of the terrain on the way to 7
9. R 2
10. P 3 knew the feature
11. 2 almost took a tumble on the steep downhill
12. D 4 stuck to trails and did not have energy to look for a more direct route
13. R 3 almost went too far toward the hatchery
14. P 3
15. P 3
16. 3
17. P 5 probably the most climb of any control
18. R 4 throught I wenst slow to make sure I stayed in bounds, but the route choice turned out to be a good one.
19. 3 caught tyler and leaned on him a bit to guide my general direction.
20. 2
21. 2 +00:30had to tie my shoe
22. 2 by this point I could not stand the site of another fallen log that I had to go around or that diverted my route
F. 0 didn;t have time to look at the map and went toward the general direction of the lodge. I should have paid more attention at the start. Cost a couple seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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