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Race Evaluation

Pine Forest, Leinster League 4: Brown


1. P D P R Ged was very quick on the track here. I did plan almost the whole course here though, so well-invested time probably.
2. P P R James not on our course but showed that I am weak on the uphills with a split that beat all of the Brown course runners
3. P D P R +00:07Was much further right of the control than expected, surprised to win the split, but ran well enough.
4. P D P R
5. P D P R
6. D +00:20On the compass, but put off by gullies to the left which were just off the map, was quite confident they weren't ours, but not confident enough to stop myself from this big hesitation.
7. P D P R Took the right-hand route hitting the trail and dropped at just the right time.
8. P D P R
9. P D P R Trickiest control yet, nicely hit.
10. P D P R
11. P D P R I lost time here to Aonghus on the climb, What a monster. Still disappointing.
12. P D P R
13. D P R +01:00Maybe not enough detail mapped in this gorgeous semi-open, but I came down and got somewhat confused. Ended up hesitating and then a bit left.
14. P D P R Gorgeous little forest here. Took the MTB trail and hopped up after the crags.
15. P D P R Easy
16. D P R Was dodgy this one, almost ended up going by, but as I turned up I spotted it just above me.
17. P D P R
18. P D P
19. P D P R
20. P D P R
F. P D P R

Total Time Lost - 00:01:27

Split Analysis

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