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Race Evaluation

Green Mountain A-Meet: Red (Day 1)


1. To top of field, crawling up hill, to trail and back down. Not direct and too much climb but there was an elephant trail from the trail junction to the control.
2. Back to the same trail system. Took left trail for closer attack.
3. Straight out of 2 to trail, then to big trail bend & yellow bit, then careful reading. Control seemed a long way down the reentrant & I would have second-guessed if not for the folks (green runners?) coming the other way, a few of whom indicated the control was still ahead. Saw Mairead Y. coming back up, and figured she was on Red, which started my big mistake on the next leg...
4. where I made one of the mistakes they told us not to make and headed for the wrong control. Didn't read map, just doglegged back up the reentrant & by the time I got to the trail I thought I was going to #7. Was about to the line between 7 & 8 when I looked at my descriptions, thought feature in the circle didn't look like a reentrant, and then realized what I'd done... A long run back to #4 -- kicking myself for being so inattentive.
5. I sighted Suzanne Armstrong (started 6 min back) behind me as I left the control. Ack. Now my goal was to stay ahead of her and to try to make up my lost time. Ran hard the rest of the race. Stayed fairly high above the worst of the junk.
6. Guy in blue o' suit made his first appearance around this leg; don't know who he was but I saw him much of the rest of the race, until about halfway to 13. Went right through the light green passage between the fight before the trail.
7. Slow careful slog around the hill. Several elephant trails.
8. Been on this trail before! No trouble reading the yellows.
9. John Charlow was looking for his glasses in the green; someone was about to help him. He never found them and spent an hour (?) looking. I was glad someone else was there to ask about helping. Fairly slow but straight, a bit to the left of the line.
10. Hit the green reentrant west of the control and paused with a bit of confusion before realizing the control was higher and just not visible yet. Had several men around/just behind me here but not sure who they were.
11. Quick leg.
12. Through 2 small marshes, a bit right of the line up the hill, came to the first reentrant and corrected left.
13. Bad route, as I stayed in the green crappy reentrant all the way to the trail with the rockpiles. Slow going, and paralleling a trail! Pavlina and Karen took the trail; Cherie went straight through the marsh. Hit the lower set of trails and was momentarily confused and turned the wrong (uphill) way until I saw the stone wall. Took the right trail once across the stream; went through the marsh with the control & walked up that reentrant. Coming down the hill from the trail bend/saddle, I initially thought I'd go left of the small knoll, but the running looked better on the right. That was a good choice as that funneled me into the correct reentrant and it was impossible to miss. Erin lost all her time on this leg, and Bernie also lost some time. (I want to hear Peter's route as he killed us all.)
14. Straight initially, lots of slow climbing. Ended on trails to west of control, attacked from the end of the knoll the control was on. Elephant path all the way there. Saw Ardis Dull leaving.
15. Back out nearly the same way I went in. Decided to run past the control on the trail and come in from the south. Hoped there'd be some elephant trails through the green. It wasn't bad but not super. Probably not the best route.
16. Back out to the trail, not as direct as I should have gone. Was a bit east of the boulder when I got up on the spur.
17. Cut off the trail & went through some green.
F. Dave Onkst and Nadim were cheering me on, and Nadim was taking my picture...I'm sure I'm a vision of lovliness, all muddy and sweaty... Good course, neat terrain -- if physical -- and I am just a bit angry at myself for my stupid error but pleased with my running and navigating otherwise.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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