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Race Evaluation

DVOA Ridley Creek: Green


2. Tired
Unused to terrain
Thought I could cut down to the ditch and drop to trail. Taking the road was the long way around, as well as being in full sun. Deer are supposed to have eaten back the fight, but not in this section! Got tired fighting my way back out and then fighting through (2 tries) from road to white woods.
3. Fight out from control to road not nearly as bad (same vegetation marks on map!) Took trail out to parking lot, then trail across ride, W on road to Lot 10 entrance, up to parking lot and attack from building. A little tired and had to walk some, but route choice was good and spiked control.
4. Right down stream, staying just E of green to minimize gullies. No problem.
5. Confused parallel features
Did not read control description
Good route choice leg; debated 3 methods since leaving 2. Discarded attacking from top and contouring due to green on map, and ran bike trail to attack from bottom. Didn't read clue sheet close enough to see side, not top, and climbed higher than necessary to be at level of top of cliff. Passed over top of control cliff without seeing control and wasted time searching 2 other rock piles farther South. Turns out Blue runners had located and trampled an easy path through the "dark green" that would have made attack from top a better choice. GRR...
6. A little tired from steep wasted contouring around #5. Down to trail and across bike path. Attacked from trail bulge where cliffs are, spiked.
7. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Attacked straight and bobbled. Spur seemed more obvious, with control feature on E side of the spur top, than the very rounded spur shown on map. Finally found right cliff-looking rock that actually is the mapped cliff to relocate from. ARGH...
8. Try to push up hill, run and pace count along trail, cut in and spike. Lost two followers, which gave me a lift.
9. Fight out to trail then run a bit. Pace count from boulder W of trail, staying on saddle. Spike.
10. Plan to head to ditch and attack from there, but concerned about green. Pretty nice deer trails fit that plan!Spike another one.
11. White woods to trail aren't so white, but once on trail, I enjoy a nice run.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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