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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods A Event: Red


1. field, reentrant, spur
2. +03:00could never get on track before road, smashing and thrashing
3. +01:00trail left, into reentrant, startled to find another, hesitate, then nail bag
4. +04:00almost straight, it was awful, how was I to know?, got to trail that looked like a ride, then through green to it
5. left around rocks and green to trail, past cliff line, then ssw to bag
6. nw down spur to trail, then nne to hilltop and in
7. +00:10maybe the choice is to swim, leave trail past last inlet, misjudged rock pile on map for another rocky knoll in terrain Tony Federer catches me here
8. up reentrant, Tony goes high, I'm just a little slower
9. straight to hilltop, Tony sails away but I beat him in as he comes back to bag
10. to stream, I see it before Tony
11. parallel to wall, Tony sails away for good
12. didn't see knoll, shape of hillside gets me there
13. wall, left of green, right of green in reentrant, contour
14. se to road bend, across to trail along stream, cut to indistinct trail w of bag and around green
F. I punch my watch last?

Total Time Lost - 00:08:10

Split Analysis

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