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Race Evaluation

WCOC Trout Brook A-Event: Red


3. NW to trail, contoured NE at the index line, left trail after the fight, contoured around the hill S of the flag, probably ran through the circle, and spent a lot of time confused, eventually relocating from *far* away.
4. Crossed the stream W of jct, then up the cliffy reentrant and in cleanly.
5. Trail network to N-S marsh and in. Saw Peter G. so I knew my route choice wasn't that bad.
6. Relocated and attacked from the trail bend W of the flag. The green wasn't too bad.
7. Trail to N-S cliff line and in.
8. Major foul-up. Lost track of context along the trail and actually overran the jct with the large trail, finally fixing my position in front of the marsh 150m NW of #9. From there, I went E on the large trail and up the wide reentrant, but I angled over too soon and went adrift on the ridge above the long cliffs NE of #8. I relocated again at a Blue control on a cairn and spiked it from there. Yick.
10. N to trail and S again.
11. Tried to contour above the marsh but went too low and had to climb up.
12. Straight to the trail, contoured around the hill, found a flag with #64 on it, thought I was looking for #164, and decided to relocate from the cliff 4 contours up the hill. Then discovered I did want #64. Minor mental lapse, setting myself up for ...
13. ... a major messup. Straight to trail, cut across the slope, up the streambed (which was surprisingly dry) and losing contact where the area flattened out a bit in front of what looked to me like 3 distinct hills. Had major mental blocks here and could not relocate even along linear features. Eventually relocated SW of #1 (!) and came in from the wall-trail jct about 50m E of the flag. Paced in and missed. Drat. Came in again from the trail jct from the west and saw the flag on the ground. Grr.
F. Michael Commons said to "kick it in" as I neared the finish line. I kicked at him instead.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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