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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods A Event: Red


2. Trails, then around green, into control from south.
3. Took trail.
4. +00:45Uphill to trail. Missed to the north - relocated by stream bend and went through green to control.
5. +01:00Took trail to the north, intending to switch trails south of marsh but went too far. Reached south trail just before dark green, attacked when I saw cliffs to right. Followed lane through green into circle from the north. Hesitation due to well-hidden control.
6. Took trail to north bend - then across marsh and between cliffs.
7. Straight.... just kidding.
8. Hesitant, but arrived at control just behind a couple of folks.
9. Hit second trail at rocky knolls. North across hilltop to control.
10. Stream seemed to bend more and woods to be greener than map shows.
13. +00:30Trying to lose competitor. Veered right around rocky hilltop, then turned south near pines.
14. +00:30Rough azimuth SE to bend in first road. Got too high on hill and had to drop down to indistinct trail. Attacked from bend in 2d road.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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