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Race Evaluation

WCOC Trout Brook A-Event: Red


1. Navigation a bit shaky all day - lots of hesitation. Ran hard-felt like I was hurrying - trying to catch Ernst for the 2 day time. On 1, didn't see small trail on map and followed wall into control.
2. +00:20Too early off trails and a bit hesitant just south of control.
3. Read contours backward so momentarily confused by stream. Went through not-so-bad green (saplings) to trail then through saddle.
5. +00:30Followed wall then NW to left of line. Not completely in touch with map and confused by crossing what appeared to be trail just before last trail. Blundered through some green patches as well. Came out right at intersection with indistinct trail leading to marsh in reentrant. Attacked too early at single large boulder then contoured.
6. +00:30Lots of hesitation - hit trail east of plan.
7. Just south of uncrossable swamp, then over spur. Swamp didn't look that bad.
8. Slow at the end - almost went searching downhill before running right into the control.
10. +01:30Less than optimum route choice - went straight - up between cliffs and through green. Mountain laurel not so bad. Hit attack point at north end of cliff then went below cliff and had to climb back up to control. Should have read description.
12. +00:15Around south end of hill. Control well-hidden behind fallen tree - hesitation.
13. +00:45Wish I was reading the contours backwards. Got confused in same area as on the way to 3 - this time by waterless stream. Started NE along slope before correcting.
14. Alright. Why isn't there a gate where the control is?
15. Had time enroute to wonder which side of the fence the control was on. Thought this would present comic possibilities but wasn't sure if I'd appreciate the joke.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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