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Race Evaluation

BAOC Quicksilver O'Quest, Day 2: Blue


1. Bad compass work
Missed high, coming from the "full" open.
4. Bad route choice
Did not like map
We had discussed a similar leg on Green/Brown at the dinner on Saturday. I noted (to whom, I don't recall) that the best route seemed to be to take the high road. Since I felt safe in the lead by almost 10 minutes, I decided to check out the straight way and read the map in the process, as training (wrong mindset for someone who tried to score ranking points, but I never said I was that smart). Map reading was sort of OK, but hitting all sort of steeper parts of the slope that couldn't hold together under my bloated weight was annoying. Finally, I got to the wide reentrant the control was in, and could see that the green was mismapped. The map showed a boundary where the control was supposed to be, but I could not see one among the chaparral and poison oak. I could, however, see Alex Hall leaving the control, so went to where he came from. I stood still for 10–15 seconds in indecision until I finally spotted the rusted mine shaft thing. Did not see the bag (underneath the thing) until I got right to the "table". Andy just took the stupid road.
5. Bad route choice
I was pretty pissed and went after Alex Hall. As I got up to the power substation, for some reason I did not see the indistinct trail on the map that went around the green and towards the control, so took the road SE from the substation, then E, then N, through some third green, to control, coming from the direction towards #6 (Alex leaving).
7. Finally, caight up with Alex.
8. Almost tripped O-live on the downhill. She took over the only game trail! (Went straight.)
9. Read map too late
Did not like map
This probably was a new record for slow. It was a steep downhill along rocky creeks, overgrown with poson oakā€”impossible to read the map. I also found another cliff right next to "the one", and it had orange spray paint on it. Did not dwell too long there.
10. Was scared a bit on the uphill that the whole slope would just yield.
11. Don't know why this was so slow. I did slow down a bit right before the control, trying to figure out the mostly-mapped bushes.
12. Overran but just by a bit, could not find the saddle on the long spur (just E of the bag).
13. Don't know why this one was so slow, either.
15. Some butt-sliding.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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