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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs, Day 2: Blue


1. +00:30Looked up the reentrant, but not far enough, went down, and had to turn around and go back up.
2. +06:00Total moron move. Left the road 250 m too sonn, and wandereed around on the north end of the hill there, looking for a ditch, and making things work in my mind.
3. Down the stream, up the stream, playing it safe.
5. Greener than mapped just south of the control.
6. +02:00Took the route by the creek, which was probably a very poor choice. Crossed teh creek on a log that broke under my weight just as I reached the opposite bank. Very slow and junky in the last stretch.
7. Encoutered Patrick Shannon and Vladimir Gusiatnikov on the way to 6 by a much smarter route. Pretty much straight the whole way, with a tiny wobble at the end.
8. Crossed the creek early, took trail around until I hit the purple line, and followed it. PS and VG caught me at the control.
9. +01:30Left of the line to the road/trail jct, but then cut through the white patches to the big reentrant, and ran down it looking for the control. Gained on PS who took the trail and came in from my right, accompanied by Tapio Karras. Control seemed a little high, and was hidden behind a fallen tree, and we blew past it and had to backtrack.
11. PS pulled away on the initial climb. Went straight, no problem.
12. Left of the line, stayed on the white high ground until the creek. Attacked from hilltop clearing.
13. Halfway there, hit some greenbriar at high speed, and I have some remarkable body art to show for it, spiraling from my navel up and around my right side to my shoulder blades. Spotted PS just ahead right before it happened.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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