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Race Evaluation

NSW State League #5 - Rocky Falls: Hard 5


1. P D P R 3 Good positive start - ran to the top of the hill and then compass
2. P P R 3 +00:05A little bit left and high
3. P D P R +00:05slow up the hill. Couldn't make gullies fit (there were only two), so a little bit left
4. P D P R 3 Ran good. 50 secs down on RV already!
5. P D P R 4 +00:10Too far left and lost my direction near the circle - 1 minute slower than RV and AG on this leg!!
6. P D P R 2 Slow again, real slow, another 20 secs blown. Worst split of the race (11th).
7. P D P R 3 Slow up hill, but a decent split relative to others. Had I gone below the treefall near the circle instead of above would have been very close to RV/AG
8. P D P R 3 Happy enough with this leg, basically went straight to it after checking a coupl of other boulders BUT the splits graph indicates this was one of my worst legs, losing 1 minute to RV despite placing 3rd.
9. P D P R 2 Duncan and Ali must have been like scorched cats on this one
10. P D P R 1 Putting more effort in and for the first time this race faster than RV
11. P D P R 2 Digging in, again shaded RV (by 1 sec)
F. P D P R 1 Outsprinted by RV ~?

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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