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Race Evaluation

Canadian O Champs Classic Day 1: Course 7


2. Underrated difficulty
Ran too fast
Did not like map
Could not relocate
Unused to terrain
Was all over the place. Couldn't read the terrain.
3. Thick! Turned left at the end of the pines but lost only 10 seconds or so.
4. Bad route choice
Went straight; drifted downhill but caught myself about 6 contours directly below road bend. Had to climb a lot but knew exactly where I was. The green stuff was very slow in places. In retrospect I like Catherine Hagen's route (road to the powerline to the road) best. Lots of climb and zigzagging, but no thick stuff. Caught Erin O. (started 14 min ahead) at this control.
5. Did not check features en route
Bad compass work
Wasn't very fast getting to road, but very clean in from road.
6. Bad route choice
Went straight through the green, but turned south to the powerline when I hit trail. Went in from the powerline, too low, and had to come back uphill.
8. Bad route choice
Went more or less straight -- down to stream and back uphill -- should have gone through field higher. Left trail at knoll and read right in. French Creek-ish terrain.
9. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Ran too fast
Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Overconfident; ran fast with no plan and found myself who knows where in thick green. Took a while to relocate.
10. +00:30Hit stream just to west of control first and had to go back.
11. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Bad compass work
Ouch! Hate these big errors right near the finish. Headed in from the road at a known point (I thought) but 100 meters in things got vague. Surprised to see Erin O again. We both, along with another woman, wandered around a while before I headed back to the road junction to relocate. Went in again and still wandered a bit before finding the vague reentrant. Figured Erin was long gone.
F. Was again surprised to see Erin punch in right behind me. A sprint up the chute trying to hold her off; I think we finished just together. Bad race overall!

Total Time Lost - 00:36:00

Split Analysis

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