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Race Evaluation

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2015 (Sprint #6): ME/WE


1. P Couldn't see the circle on map, missed the control and ran all the way to #2
2. No problem since I had just came from there.
3. Slowed a bit trying to find my way through to the path, then got confused by the out-of-bounds tape when looking for the passing point.
4. D Contoured along to control, but proceeded slowly.
5. Took left-hand route around olive green.
6. P Run along path and attacked from the bend.
7. Couldn't tell from the map if I could go straight, so went to the left outside the park and back in.
8. Doglegged outside the park, then in through the gap in linear hedge towards control. Stopped one playground too early as there was a control on similar feature. Luckily I checked the code to be incorrect and continued onward to the right control.
9. Slow exiting #8 trying to be careful not to step into olive green area.
10. P P R Saw that control is placed inside of wall, so planned my route appropriately. Did hesitate slightly on final approach as a wedding ceremony was being held in the out-of-bounds area.
11. P P R Didn't get tricked by the out-of-bounds, and doglegged in the direction of #9 to get on the path along park perimeter to control.
12. P R Ran along the perimeter path, passing #19, then up the steps to control.
13. P P left of straight line, navigating through the maze of paths to the fountain, then down the main path to open grass field and cut across to control.
14. P D P R Went right to avoid olive green, then up along the NE edge of garden to the end before turning to the control.
15. D Dogleg back out and down to the stone wall.
16. P Didn't quite get the map set in time before exiting #15, so was slowed a bit trying to get my bearings. Unnecessary time lost on a simple short leg.
17. P Ran south along path past the wall, then turned SW to the second corner. Familiarity with same control location as in previous courses helped.
18. R Picked a longer route down the main path west, then south through the playground to control. A better route is perhaps using the smaller paths slightly right of red line.
19. P Took the left-hand route here without hesitation. But it's possible the right-hand route may be shorter.
20. P Went east and zig-zagged up the first set of stairs, then follow path across fountain and clockwise around the tower to control.
21. R NW along fountain, then took the main path down towards #2, turned north and ran through playground, which was slower. Might have been better to run near the pavilion, use the path west down the steps to the control.
22. Left around the olive green.
23. P R Didn't plan ahead, so hesitated which way to turn for the control. Then, kept thinking there's a gap through the black-green hedge for a more direct route to the control. Ended taking the left-hand route, going around and then through the small shelter to control.
F. Straight

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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