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Race Evaluation

West Point National Meet: Long - Red

Jan Erik Naess

1. I had watched the others starting before me so I knew the general direction that I would be heading. I didn't feel like going on the trail which I probably should've taken to be cautious, but I ran at a decent enough pace for me to slowly get into the map and saw someone come out of the control so I hit it smoothly. Next time I want to work on making a clear attackpoint to my first control
2. I didn't have a clear plan so I start to go up the hill then turned around and went down to more open woods. I should've stuck with my plan, this turnaround cost me 30sec. I hit the control smoothly, and just handrailed to the right of the spur.
3. Headed around the first swamp running hard with my head up to find a clear path to run along, then went along the next swamp and up the far reenetrant. I could have improved this by not running so far north while on the hillside before the second swamp.
4. Held a hard compass bearing but I was worried that I would mess up so I went fairly cautiously. I didn't take a close enough look at what the control was on and once I came up to the cliff that was right before it I almost turned back, but luckly chose to go right down. For this I should've run a little harder and farther with my head up looking around, but staying in contact with the map.
5. My original plan was to stay along side of the hill but I never figured out a clear checkpoint so I go worried about half way through and went to my backup plan and use the lower hills as my handrail and cut up after passing 10 on the path. I could've fixed this by looking for clear featured along the route to 5 like the field and swamp, and cliff. Going up to 5 I didn't have a clear attackpoint which worried me. I used the swamp by the stream and held a compass bearing while heading up. I went up on the left side of the spur and didn't see the control, so I turned left and after about a 1min mistake went back and went over the spur. To fix this I need to have more confidence in my gut and close clear attackpoint and maybe a better catching feature.
6. I didn't have a clear plan for this, I was just navigating my way along the line and I got confused for where I was once I got into the rocky area. I headed left instead of right and that cost me 3min. When going into technical areas like that I need to have a clear plan with good catching features, and if I am having troubles choosing a plan I can simply over shoot to the right or left to a clear point then once in the area correct and run along.
7. Ran down with my head checking off the hill to the left and ran down the renetrant that 7 was in
8. Had my head up and saw the control from far away, but was going to keep a hard compass bearing to it
9. Thought that I was running to the control I had seen which going to 5(which was actually 10) and in an eager attitude to make up time I barely looked at the map until I hit a control that was on the spur past 9. I then realized my mistake and had to relocate to the cliffs but I didn't do a good job slowing down to use the cliffs to send me to the control. The largest mistake here was not looking at my map and being over confident, I need to always have a plan and a clear attackpoint to use.
10. I ran along the swamp then up to the control
11. Down to the path then to the right of all three swamps and ran up the hill and then found the right hilltop to run down to the control on. I an happy with my attackpoint that I chose because it allowed me to navigate easily, but I should run around the right side of the cliffs because it would've been smoother and a better handrail
12. I we slowly vearing too far right and that added about 20sec to my time but it was smooth coming into 12
13. Again I was pushing myself too far right and I was completely aware of it but continue to the road then slowly powered my way up the trail(I was exhausted). When I cut off I went too far right and got confused then slowly pushed my way left to the control. When tired I need to do a better job working with the compass because it is that one thing that I can trust when I'm not thinking straight.
14. I ran too far left and hit the lower trail then corrected and went to the boulder. For this I should've used the larger boulder in the middle of 13-14 as a checkpoint
15. Ran along the trail but cut off too early and ran to a control about 100m north of 15 and messed around for a minute till I corrected. The problem was that I knew the entire time that I was veering off but didn't correct it. Next time I need to take a second and make sure to correct my compass bearings as soon as I see an error
16. Hard to the trail but a poor compass bearing, then corrected once I chose me spot to head into the forest and had me head up and say the control then ran to it
17. Crossed the bridge then powered up the hill
F. Anton beat me...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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