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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Off with the pack, a little left w/ JJ - dropped to trail and briefly considered staying on trail and crossing S of marsh, but decided to go with the pack for safety.
2. went with the flow, used the time to peruse the whole course - initially thought 5 looked promising, also considered skipping 10 and running the ridge to Norrotuck and dropping down to 11
3. moving with the crowd, right behind Pam James and David Onkst
4. looking up the hill, considered skipping the climb and going around to 5 - thought about going west to trail and up on trail, but decided to hang with the pack for safety
5. had been in good contact with my map for the most part so far, but had difficulty in rocky footing heading down to 5 and was definitely out of contact - and also loosing my train - pushed hard to stay with them at least to the flag - successfully with only minor bruises from falling down
6. clean, J-J appeared right behind heading up the slopes.
7. feeling pretty good with a good string of people out in front - decided at that point to push hard and maintain contact with both the map and the train at least until 11 - once past the long legs I could skip 14 and navigate on my own
11. it was a haul, but I managed to keep in contact with the Ruutopold, James, Onkst et al train almost all the way - lost them on the last climb to saddle SW of 11 but I was in safe territory now... whew..
12. next 2 controls w/ Mikell Conradi - more or less.
14. SKIP - I knew the terrain from 13 to 15 was clean underfoot and no major climb meant I could motor at a good pace - which I did
15. +01:00good contact and ground speed all the way until I crossed the road and brook - lots of downed hemlock on my route up the hillside so I skirted below and wound up on knoll 4 lines downhill from 15 - but knew immediately where I was and climbed up to 15 - Peter G was leaving as I gained the upper part of that hill. Started to grab some water, Nevin French came in and looking uphill I saw a major crowd in the distance - left 15 in a hurry to get a gap on the pack
16. flew downhill praying I was running straight enough to hit pond just N of footbridge. Nevin with me but the crowd back a ways
17. turning the corner near the finish, Nevin was about 100m ahead, but more encouraging was Peter about 200m just ditching into the woods - turned up the speed a bit.
18. caught Peter and Nevin crossing the stream, then with both of them most of the way to 18 - but saw flag and sprinted the cleanest line to the flag first. Mihai moving very slowly toward 18 from the direction of 19
19. +00:30opted to skirt the hill to the right to save climb (cramping) Peter & Nevin went slightly left - both beat me in handily
20. no sign of Nevin, but closing the gap on Peter, punching right behind him
F. tried to overtake Peter too late in the chute - about one step behind him. A very good run for me - no major mistakes, good energy throughout, a good choice of skip and well executed

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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