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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Slightly left of the line, almost all alone for the middle part of the leg. Weird.
2. Slowly fall behind...
3. Fall further behind...
4. Trying to keep up to Gari Williams, Bob Lux behind me.
5. skip, not a bad one
7. Kenny, Boris and Ken come sailing by. Up the pace to try and keep up since we're going downhill. Helps me get through 8 and 9 quicker.
10. Losing sight of Kenny, Boris, and Clem. Ernst comes past, moving much faster. I push again, knowing I can't keep up with him but trying to shake Gari and Bob. Don't see them again. Ernst is soon out of sight, but I must execute the rest of the leg ok because at the control he and also Kenny Boris and Clem are still in sight.
11. But I am pretty much toast. Long haul on the low route over to 11, by myself now all the way to 17.
14. No problems with the orienteering, just moving slower and slower.
17. Nevin catches up and I see Clint coming from behind.
18. Stumbling along, not quite keeping up....
19. Clint is ahead, charging off, but looks to be going too far right. So for once I grit my teeth and run all the way up the hill to 19. Doesn't gain anything on Kevin, but no sign of Clint.
20. But out on the road, there he is, maybe 50 yards behind. Damn. I start thinking, well, at least he'll enjoy getting me at the end. Past the finish and then it gets really depressing. Pass about 6 people on the way from 20 to the finish, all a minute or two ahead.....
F. Punch and head back and now Clint is within 20 yards. Can't give up yet. Fast as my little old legs will carry me, the last bit was just like sessions on the track, and the finish line was good enough to come when it did and not 10 yards later. Or perhaps Clint was just being kind.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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