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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. I was following a lot of people. We crossed at the bridge and went along the tops of reentrants. I almost missed seeing the control as I started to cut a corner catching up.
2. On the walk up the hill, I read the map and thought about skipping #16. Kristine suggested #18. Ahead, I saw Dave Onkst spiking the control.
3. I was real slow climbing. I missed punching my split as I drank in a hurry.
4. This walk I was very weakish on. The crowd lead me right there.
5. I followed Kristine as she left the main pack to drop to a lower trail, then cross the stream and contour right into the control. We got ahead by 20-40 seconds it seemed.
6. The climb was so slow, I walked most of it and started falling behind others who were walking too. Still, we had made-up distance on a pack lead by Kenny Walker Jr.
7. I followed Daniel Schaublin across.
8. Mostly I was behind Daniel again.
9. I got in behind Pam James a bit.
10. Everyone was moving so quick on this, I barely had time to read the map with all the poor footing. I started feeling better with the generally downhill running.
11. I left the main pack with Kristine and Erin. Kristine thought getting higher and above the cliffs near the road would prevent us having troubles crossing them. Also remembering yesterday's trip to #6 when Peter went high and I had drifted low, I agreed with Kristine that going high was good. Leaving the pack, we slowed after crossing the road. We knew where we were the whole way but ran into some less runnable terrain.
12. I think this includes some eating time.
16. We went counter clockwise around the lake.
18. We skipped this one.
19. I had earlier suggested using the road to get from #17 to #19 would be better than negotiating the marsh. It turned out that crossing the mash was easy. I walked across fallen logs and didn't even get wet or muddy. As we climbed, Kristine said she was tired and that I should go ahead. Reluctantly, I did (having benefitted a lot from Kristine's navigation the last half of the course, I didn't want to just sprint away) in part because I could see two others ahead that I thought I could catch. I actually expected that Kristine would catch them too but it wasn't to be.
20. From the road, I could see Daniel punching across the lake. I passed both of the others I had seen approaching #19. Daniel crossed the stream as I crossed going the other way. As I approached the punch, Alar was coming back ahead of me.
F. I didn't have a whole lot of punch to finish hard, nor was there anyone I could try to catch.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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