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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Left of Lake, HR average 167, HR at punch 172.
2. Slogged. 166; 177, working hard.
3. Through the green, Pia vaguely ahead somewhere, falling back. Near Susie DeWitt and Jim Henderson. Get into contact at the 2nd trail. 168; 175.
4. Trail right, with Jim, Terry Keegan, and others. 170; 170.
5. Ran with Jim H. Left some army guys behind coming down to the trail, to the big trail, contoured around on dicey footing. 166,163.
6. Slog up, see Army guys coming down out of contact. See Sharon coming down. Ran with Tony F, Charlie (I think) and Jim H for a long while (until about 15). 170; 175.
7. With the pack. 169;168.
8. Get caught up in the green a bit but still working to stay with the pack. 162,167.
9. Trail, contoured in after the green, behind Jim H. 159;165.
10. Trail to T, left, then R at path crossing, following Tony F who's navigating with ease. 160;159. Took a Gu and a salt tablet here.
11. Lose contact with the map but keep the pack in sight. Somewhere on a trail here I glanced at the map and hip-planted, gashing a finger. Tony goes by way of 13-12. Surprised to see Deb Humiston and Jeff Saeger going out while we were coming in to 11. Drank a long time. there. 160,176
12. 157;163. Low HR due to long pause refreshing.
13. 170;174.
14. I observed that 14 was at about the same elevation as 13, but Tony said the terrain was complex. I conceded to his words of wisdom and decided to skip 14 and not 15. I didn't realize at the time the joy I was setting myself up for on leg 18.
15. Fast and low, out of contact with the map until we hit the road Cut S from road after the cliff. Got too high but Tony was right on. 162;166.
16. Deb was at 15, and when Tony paused on the trail to pick up a cup someone faster had dropped, I followed Deb. She was upset at having unintentionally skipped 14 by following a group. Bridge to 16 with Pavlina's group? I suffered some hypoxia-induced dyslexia at the control, pausing a bit trying to make sense of the control code. Victoria(?) said, "it's 16, punch!" 166,175. Sorry I kept people waiting.
17. Falling behind on the trail, but still in sight. 170,174.
18. Some skipped 18, Deb plunged across, I plunged in to my waist and gave a yelp. Near Deb and Phil Bricker. I saw the flag first, but they got there before me. 168,168.
19. Phil and Deb headed off staying high; I strayed a bit to the R. 169,173.
20. On road to 20, I must have passed Deb, and Kirsten passed me, because Phil and Kirsten punched 20 before me. Deb used me to keep from running out of land at the control after I'd punched 170,172. Saw Ken Walker coming in as we were coming out.
F. No way to catch Phil or Kirsten. Got fuzzy and headed toward the orange banner and not the chute. Thunderous footsteps invoked final sprint, later determined to be Ken Walker. I held him off at the end. 174, 184. No cramps, ran hard, followed shamelessly, ran a much better race than my calf led me to expect.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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