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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Before the start, Kristin & I agreed to stay together for a while, as we did last year, and discuss skips & not go out too fast. Within a minute, though, she pulled away and was gone for good. I headed just left of the line and suddenly Pam was ahead of me & picking a good line through the mtn laurel. Stayed with her (well, behind her) across the stream, right behind Peter and a small group with him. As we climbed the hill, I saw a line of people approaching from the right (side hill).
2. Pam & Peter, always ahead of me, were able to move much more quickly up the hill, as were most of the others around me. My calves were screaming and didn't stop until we started back downhill after 6. Slowly climbing, following the trail of o'ers ahead of me: Cherie, Deb, several men.
3. Behind Deb et al crawling up the hill. Hit the trail and knew where we were; navigated nicely into the control from between the two knolls before the control on the line. Passed Deb in this area and never saw her again. Cherie was ahead of me as we approached but she went high and I got to the control first. Never saw her again, either. Had no idea who was ahead until the end. Saw Peter and a few other guys -- thought Bernie was in the group -- heading towards me after punching and I figured they were skipping #4.
4. Waffled for several seconds, wondering if I should skip #4 as I assumed Peter was doing, but I wasn't mentally ready to skip so I headed up to #5. Ken Sr. caught me up and we chatted; he said he was skipping #5 and that appealed to me as there was a trail most of the way to #6 and we could skip that big climb. Ken inexplicably turned off just before the control -- I should have said something to him but I was concentrating on my foot placement. Saw Bernie punch ahead of me at #4.
5. Headed right for the trail. It wasn't the fastest, as it was rocky and had lots of ups & downs (and distracting views); should have cut off before the marsh but I didn't.
6. As we (Ken, purple shirt, me)approached #5 we passed a whole bunch of people heading the other way to #6 (Kenny, Kristin, Pam, Nadim, Dave O, many others).
7. Having caught up to a lot of people with the skip, I had people to drag me to the next few controls again. #7 suddenly just appeared in front of me. Yay.
8. Last in the line; slowed to check my map and looked up to realize I was about to lose sight of the train through the green. Turned on some speed and got back to within sight of them.
9. Carl C. just ahead of me on this leg.
10. Down to the trail. First time I remember seeing/running with John Goodwin. Thought about cutting off the bulge in the trail but no one just ahead of me was so I stayed on the trail. Last (again) in the train as we headed down through the green reentrant after the trail junction. John stopped to let me pass (like I was going faster than he!) and suddenly I saw no one ahead of me. I finally figured out they all must have climbed. I vacilated a bit then climbed, and was happy to find the delightful mossy ridgetop. Alone now, I headed down a distinct side reentrant and headed too far down hill in the big rocky reentrant. When I hit the next rocky slope I realized where I was, and had to climb a bit to get back on track. Headed slightly uphill to hit the trail. Sanna was behind me as I headed down the first reentrant but she didn't drift downhill; by the time I hit the trail she was well ahead on the trail. (Never saw her after that.) Off the trail at the bend and headed vaguely in the right direction (there were a few people ahead but certainly no line to follow) but came out just right. John punched right ahead, along with purple shirt and the Pole; JJ came in right behind us and John and I assured him that we'd already skipped so not to worry.
11. The five of us headed across the hill, hardly together but certainly keeping track of the others (though perhaps JJ was ignoring us; he was out in front). At one point just past halfway I was sure I knew where we were and I wanted to go right vs the left that the others were doing, but I decided I'd better play it safe and go the way they did. I could have gone my way and cut off some dist/climb but not significantly. On the last hill before #11, JJ headed left of the line along the cliffs; I decided to go just to the right of the line and at least one of the guys hung with me. I had eaten my GU and drunk 2 waters and was heading out when JJ approached. (That lead wouldn't last.)
12. Stayed too high and got into the rocks. A contour or so lower would have been better.
13. Wow, beautiful woods! Thought I was in Harriman. Nice leg, easy, fun.
14. Right of the line, threading through the knolls & cliffs. JJ had caught us up and passed me somewhere to the right; didn't see him for a while. I had had problems in this area on Saturday so I was very pleased at how well I read the map here & had no trouble reading my way in. John was right with me at the control.
15. On the way to #15 John asked which way I was going to go to #16. Hadn't really thought about it; looked at it briefly and said to the right, across the trail bridge. But as I looked at it I decided instead to create a dogleg and have a nice road run by going left. Caught sight of Ted G before crossing the road; also saw Joe Moksyki & Bernie punching at the control.
16. Made a point to tell John I'd changed my mind about my route. Joe headed to the right and I followed, but he continued further to the NE and I figured he was skipping #16 (he was). Down the really open nice hill into the parking lot, down the road, and up the trail. Passed Boris & Kenny heading to #20, then Clem behind them. JJ, Bob Lux (? not sure) & Ted were coming out on the trail as I headed in. Saw the control on the trail and headed up but I realized it was too soon and I continued on; saw Bernie at the control.
17. As I passed the other control I saw John stopped there. Thought about yelling to him that it wasn't the right one, but figured he'd figure that out. Had Bernie ahead of me on the road but I couldn't really make up much on him.
18. Was a bit concerned about the stream crossing, but I followed Bernie to a good spot where I got wet only up to my mid-shins. Yay. Both of us were tired on this leg, both walking a lot despite the nice woods. Saw Bob Lux heading the other way to #19.
19. Behind Bernie. Seemed to be more detail than was mapped.
20. Down the rocky hill to the parking lot & the road. Ted Good was ahead, going slow. I passed him near the end of the last Susquehanna Stumble when he bonked & here it was happening again. I felt a little bad, but I felt fairly strong. Discouraging to have to pass the finish line, and all those who have finished, and go all the way around to the last control. I considered skipping this one but I don't think it would have been a good one to skip. Couldn't catch Bernie.
F. Not enough race left to catch Bernie, though he missed the finish chute and had to run back, making the finish closer than the race was. Good race for me; finished 41st overall, higher than last year; 6th woman in the strongest field ever -- better than I expected & I was very pleased with that. Foot hurt but didn't slow me; otherwise felt very good. Thanks to CSU & especially Will for their work.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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