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Race Evaluation

OCIN Flying Pig XXII: OCIN_Saturday_Classic_Elk_Creek_6 Red

Danny Riley

1. P D P R 2 This was a really great start! I even beat out the famous Magnus Naess, who was telling me about his quick starting times :)
2. P D P R 2 No drama here. Just a short, quick route. I began pre-reading my map on this leg.
3. P D P R 3 In hindsight, I should've attacked from the north where you can see the river intersect the clearing. I attacked from the northeast.
4. P D P R 2 Hm. This seems too simple to be a red course at the Flying Pig. Maybe I'm better than I realize? No, can't be...
5. P D P R 2 Should've attacked from the south, attacked from the west. Either way, minimal losses.
6. P D P R 2 Some very thick mud here that taxed my legs. From here, my pace starts to slow.
7. P D P R 3 A little tougher of a leg, but not by much. I picked a good route, and here's when I start weighing the pros/cons of on trail and off trail: mud taxes the legs off trail, but distance taxes the legs on trail.
8. P D P R 3 I executed this route perfectly except surprise: I doubted myself and retraced my steps for no real reason. I ended up slightly south of the control and reassessed my attack point when I could've made a minor adjustment on the fly.
9. P D P R 4 The cookie crumbles a little here. I'm not too confident on my attack point, and end up overshooting it by about 20 meters. Turn around and quickly readjust.
10. P D P R 3 Tough to actually see the control, but good orienteering landed me directly on top of it.
11. P D P R 2 Made a small detour through the not-so-open forest to the east and stopped on a knoll with a control that wasn't 11. Why? Cause I was tired.
12. P D P R 1 Incredibly simple route. Give this to 12-year-old me who doesn't even know what a compass is and I'd still be able to do it. Only snafu was mud. And lot's of it.
13. P D P R 2 When will this mud end? It's really taxing my legs at this point. I switch to on-trail running here. Need to preserve myself for tomorrow's run.
14. P D P R 2 End up just a littttle north of where I should've been, adding about 20 meters to my route. Oh well.
15. P D P R 3 The descent hurt a little bit, think this is where the rotator in my hip got slightly injured.
16. P D P R 3 I just went straight trough the thicket. It was quicker and there was a nice little break for my screaming legs here.
17. P D P R 4 The whole route was about a 1 in technical intensity except for the very very end, but I hit that very easily with a really good attack point. If I was at the same fitness level as everyone else this would be a great leg for me because the orienteering was really nice here.
18. P D P R 1 To be honest, I don't even remember this leg. So it must've been easy, right?
19. P D P R 3 Oh this one hurt. I cut north through the thicket and exit about 15 meters west of the control. Only problem is I think I'm east of the control and really draw out this mistake. Not making it would've saved me about 3 minutes and moved me several positions up in the finals rankings. This is where the pain sinks in.
20. P D P R 2 Just a straight line attack at it. Not hard in the slightest.
21. P D P R 3 The rock was a little hidden under some thick parts of the undergrowth. Catch up to a runner in front of me who was on blue I believe.
22. P D P R 2 Pass the runner who was in front of me. Nice!
F. P D P R 1 Finish line was in sight the whole time. Easy run but save some for tomorrow's race.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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