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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 2: Blue


3. Through white from the bend left of 7 to just before the green on the other side.
4. Sergei caught up with me on the way to 4.
5. +01:00Trailing Sergei. We both veered to the right and hit the trail junction by the green. I went a bit too far to the left and Sergei was gone before I could stay on his tail.
7. +10:00A long story. When I got to the last trail I was not sure which bend I was at and went right to check whether the paths went up. But I was too lazy to go the whole way so I turned back and decided I knew where I was. (Turned out later I was wrong.) William thought I was lost and said "Unless you're looking for #7 you're going the wrong way." Unfortunately I thought he said "If" and not "Unless". I should of course not have listened to him, but instead of running after him into the forest I went up and down the trail a bit to make sure I was at least on the right trail. Then I continued on my parallel error and got lost in the depression just West of the control. In retrospect I should have been able to figure this out from the contours, but at this point I was not very confident about my whereabouts anymore. I ran back to the trail and this time all the way to the East until the junction. Then North on the bike trail and through the forest. A painful lesson.
8. Met William running the other way (towards 12) as I came to the power line. Took the left fork but realized my error and cut through the green. Might actually have been a good thing.
9. +02:00Poor map reading and a big S around the line.
11. +00:30Too far to the right - ran into the green. Passed by someone I didn't recognize.
12. Couldn't find the small trail from the powerline so I took the big one instead.
14. +03:00Parallel error off of the depressions by the trail to the left of control. Had to go back to the trail and doublecheck.
18. +03:00Getting too tired. I knew where the control was but for some reason insisted on checking the depressions to the right and the left before climbing the final hill.
21. +00:30Argh! Lost the faint trail and instead of barging down to the bigger one I zig-zagged a bit.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:00

Split Analysis

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