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Race Evaluation

WMOC Prologue: Blue


1. on path to fld to corner, compass into end of shallow, long dep
2. compass st, rt on path, round to end of fence, to path to jct to dot knoll
3. little path took me 3/4ths of way then obscure, then careful compass on flat by 2 depressions
4. E to path, network of paths S, cross yellow thru green woods to big path to jct, then R on path & paths right to feature
5. S to path then W - by open area with distinct trees
6. +01:00sl W of N to open area for reloc, then small path & finally across stripped vert grn to/into yellow to reloc again & to feature
7. left 6 going wrong way, duh! - corrected & paths all way to 7 except careful last flat 100 off path
8. across road along yellow to feature - flat, flat
9. onto solid yellow to path E to rs
10. bk same way to fld cross rd then st compass, flat woods to control
11. SW to path to pt just S
12. NNW to control, sorting out paths
13. W to path then S, then W, to open area, to bend in distinct VB & st to dep - careful!
14. short/st
15. to big open ride, E, to main jct & series of paths to AP, then thru grn to distinct tree
16. S to big, central path then E to s-going path to jct picked up anther path & to reent
17. short/straight
18. W to path, then North & west again, est jump off to distinct tree
19. more paths & thru end of open area
20. N to path & finally w on path to dep in flat area
21. N to central walk the W & finally thru home neighborhood
F. skedaddle - going over this reminds me how flat- how 2 dimensional this experience was. Hugh Moore 62'! Joe & Pavlina around 42-3' - small losses here & there

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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