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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Green-Y Sunday


1. st, up & over - saw a bldr w/ flag midway which helped - fastest split, surprise
2. ran by Aims - up steep hillside, more time than expected b4 trail, to bldr - needed it - up hillside carefully - got to top & voila!! flag not 20m away
3. +00:30st, over top & down carefully - down spur, saw bldr to R, checked & then to L- flag by a fallen tree
4. st, reading all - grn quite slow - down long reent which initially did not look like a reent - but finally end of it & visible flag
5. +00:50st, cross marsh, perhaps a tad slow - then up, read 2 reents, marsh & then got L but when no flag on 'knoll', went R to flag on knoll
6. +01:45st - should have gone to to obvious knoll but managed to go off in wrong direction - investigated a bldr - bk to knoll, right direct this time
7. st, using walls but unnecessary climb that PG did not - not swift...!
8. again not R of grn & too much in contact with it - should have taken path- stayed to L - went right thru marshes at end of pond & bland areas but found knoll to S & then to point
9. over the top - should have gone R along wall - came down, distance ran out - saw a color of runner, but just standing there-went L to a height &, presto!, control found
10. straight - don't get feet wet, up, thru grn into open field - PG faster
F. skedaddle - feeling like a reasonable run at 54', PG 49:50 & faster last 2 legs, at 66, as he says...

Total Time Lost - 00:03:05

Split Analysis

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