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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: U.S. Short Course Championship: Red


1. Crossed the reentrant. Attacked from the small gully. Thought the control would be farther.
2. Went straight through the complicated bunch of gullies. Hit the long ditch in the side and went around it to the control.
3. Went straight at it.
4. Followed the main reentrant east until I hit the reentrant due south of the control. Followed it to the end and attacked.
5. Went left of the straight line, followed the second reentrant to the bottom. I meant to hit the second trail and zoom to the eastern waterstop, but I was confused when I hit it. Is this the first or the second? I just kept going straight which wasn't very fast. Hit the road, went east to the waterstop and north on the trail to the end of the clearing. Attacked from the knoll.
6. From the bottom of the reentrant just north of the control, climbed up to the indistinct trail. I was at the point where it started to go downhill. Went in a straight line from there keeping an eye out for the other ditches on the left along the way.
7. I didn't want to fight the green, so I went right to the fence corner, then along the reentrant, then attacked from the bottom of the 2nd reentrant.
8. Went straight to the little clearing and attacked.
9. Another mostly straight shot.
10. Went back into the main reentrant. Crossed the fence, then went up the spur at the junction. Aimed off a little on the reentrant close to the control, then attacked from the small ditch.
11. Followed the left trail all the way to the lake, took the north-south clearing to the trail and kept going to the control.
12. Went mostly on a straight line from ditch to ditch to ditch.
13. Bad route choice
I should have gone to the right through the parking lot to the small trail. Instead I beat through the crap, across a broken glass garbage pile, to a trail.
F. Slogged through the coldest muckiest part of the whole race.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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