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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Sprint 1: MEN


1. No attack point
was good - started fast but lost couple seconds in the circle actually finding the control.
2. No attack point
hesitated at the end of the leg trying to work out how to get into the underpass - was running straight at the control instead of straight at teh underpass entrance
3. Bad route choice
wrong route choice - went south and should have gone north - i really dontt like going back the way i had come.
4. difficult route choice at the end - still not sure if north was faster than south into the control - i went north.
5. again difficult route choice and i am not sure which was faster - ideally i would have gone back and checked but family responsibilities prevailed.
6. Bad route choice
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Unused to terrain
not sure of mu route choice - but i lost 45 seconds (according to my GPS track) once i got into the circle. I was looking for a cliff, but shoul have been looking for a fence. so i overran into the clearing - saw a control checked it, and only then relocated back to the correct control.
7. Bad route choice
Read map too late
bad route choice here- i thought hte middle path joing the main one, and only once i had committed to going north did i see that they didn't join so i had to go to the northernmost path past control 9.
8. was starting to tire here and was a tough uphill - i went back past 9 again, i wonder if keeping above the control was quicker - i lost a lot of height that needed to be regained up to the highest control of the course. cannot really claim slow running as lost time.
9. down hill dash
10. more down hill dash had some traffic at the control so never really considered the back the way i had come route choice for the next leg very long.
11. Bad route choice
wrong route choice - once i got to the avairy i realised i was on the long option. some people crossed on the boulders which would have been 30 seconds faster.
12. some interesting route options right at the end of the leg - no idea which was fastest, i stayed south of the buildings so i didnt have to fiddle thought eh middle of them.
13. fast running through the forrested field
14. +00:06lost my cap on a tree back through the field (small dogleg route choice. and that cost me the race. I should have left it.
15. +00:02hesitated with the complex map section comming up the small wall -
16. Tired
tiered now - cannot really claim being slow as lost time - but i lost 3 secs to mike
F. Tired
didn't sprint too hard in to protect my calf that is still recovering from the calf strain early last week. all in all happy with the run.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:05

Split Analysis

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