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Race Evaluation

Pine Hill: Advanced


1. Didn't realize until after the meet that the starter table was not at the triangle. This didn't help me internalize the map scale. Went N to end of paaved, cut in along trail, tried to cut SW into reentrant but got bogged down big time in the prickers. Slowly, and with much backtracking, made it to the rock wall/trail jct, where I navigated much less tenuously just L of the line with no problems. HRave 156.
2. L of pond, but overshot, relocated at trail jct and came SW through the reentrant. HRave 168.
3. Amazingly, having just come from the direction I wanted to go, I made a 90ยบ error and started on the trail SE instead of NE. Quickly recovered, and headed NE, almost to the street, then up/over the hill and in. HRave 169.
4. Straight. HRave 176.
5. The plan was to run just S of #3, but I went too high on the hill. Ran path SW, jumped off just past pond. HRave 164.
6. Intended to go straight, but erred L and found the depression to my right to my surprise. HRave 162.
7. Struggled through yet more prickers on a seemingly white path between the marsh and the knolls trying to make it to the trail. Ran trails all the way around and attacked from the EW trail south of the spur. I was getting quite tired of fighting the green. HRave 158.
8. Straight. HRave 166.
9. S. Jumped off trail at the wall corner, got some marshes confused, and once again, found the control by surprise to my right. HRave 160.
10. Surprise! the narrow bit of white between the green blobs on the map seemed to exist. I used it to go directly south to the bit trail, ran E to the NS trail, then up the hill. I did not notice the downhill tags in the circle, and was looking for knoll tops when Michael Commons told me it was down there. Grrr. HRave 158.
11. Trail run until I reached the small knoll ESE of the control, at which I saw the bag and cut across. HRave 168.
F. Pretty tired, but managed to leap the downed tree without difficulty. HRave 169. Overall HRave on the course 162, which means too much time moving slowly/out of contact.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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