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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 1: blue


1. Drove up the morning of the race. The gardenstate parkway was closed about 300 meters in front of us for 1.5 hours. We arrived late, stiff from being in the car and really having to use the facilities. We got a later start time but I felt rushed the entire time. Didn't warm up properly, there wasn't clothing drop at the start or so the meet notes said and no one told us otherwise. Started the race half heartedly. Started to go straight but quickly decided to take the road around. Ran by the water stop and saw several earlier runners (Mike Ball). See Tim Good as am leaving the control.
2. Up the hill. Get a little left and realize that I am having trouble reading the map.
3. Decide to take the high ground going straight rather than the road. Get on a unmarked green blazed trail. Follow this hill side gets steep. Keeping a pace count so now when I have gone the correct distance. Start looking. I thought I knew where I was but there isn't a control. Wander around and try to relocate. Finally make a best guess and wander back to the control.
4. Straight. Cross the hill and am I amazed at the fog. The far side of the hill is all fogged in. I cross the first trail, cross the 2nd trail and pace count. Cross the road, Road? There was an extra trail. Pace count again. Get to control but am very hesitant.
5. Back to the road. Road to the marsh west of control. Up the marsh, around the rock/cliffs and over the reentrant. No control. Wander around trying to figure out what is what. I amd north of control at the "stream junction" but there isn't a junction but a stream bend. Wander some more and eventually figure out what is what. Run over to control.
6. At this point I realize today is shot so just take it really easy from hear on out to save myself for tomorrow. Still orienteer poorly rest of the course. Can't read the rock. A lot of rock missing. Visibitility is down to about 30 meters. This should have been a gimme control but I screwed it up.
7. straight
8. Trail to junction. Wandered around looking for the control.
9. Got to far left again and bounced off the trail and still had to wander. Fog if really bad. Coudn't see feature much less control until almost right on top of it.
10. Down to trail. trail to field. From one side of field couldn't see other side because of fog. Wandered around once I got into the control area.
11. Spent a long time wandering around below the control trying to find all the unmapped rock. I should have mapped it while I was there since I had enough time to. Finally found the small marsh south of control
12. Wandered around control area and finally relocated on stone walls east of control.
13. Around the rocks to the left and up by marsh.
14. See Tim Good again. Over shoot control and have to bounce off of bare rock past it.
15. Gratioutous climb
16. trail around.
F. Jog in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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