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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 1: blue


1. Around on the upper road. No need to mess with these woods prematurely.
3. Up and across the road, and ran for a while, paying partial attention, more interested in finding the best running than in keeping track of my position. Ran on a small unmapped trail for a while. Eventually started looking at the map in more detail, and found it lacking -- couldn't match it up to the terrain. Realized that this hillside has likely never been fieldchecked, and decided to focus on Plan B. Decided that the top of the hill was the best place to try to relocate and attack, but I continued until I thought I had gone about the right distance. Ran into Adam Rudner, who looked like he wasn't sure where he was, either. Before heading up, I decided to check behind the boulders that I saw up ahead, and one of them happened to have my control behind it.
4. On my way up, saw Ross Smith heading downhill, too far south. Another guy was looking forlorn near the top of the hill, and asked if I had found #3. No trouble getting to the circle, though I checked a couple of wrong cliffs first. Surprised that Adam wasn't on my tail; never saw him again.
5. North to the dirt road, followed that until I got near the green, then wenat along the base of the slope for a little while, climbed, and got to the correct reentrant wth no trouble. Turned left, but after a few steps I saw laurel, so I turned around and went up. The control wasn't far, but it had been hiding in the mist.
6. Hesitated because I wasn't sure what "reentrant" I was supposed to be looking for. That was a mightly subtle form line wiggle.
7. Nice enjoyable leg.
8. Through the fight. Thought it had just expanded, but I popped out on the smaller trail and had to cut over to the larger one. Another control like #4, where I had to check a few cliffs before I found the right one. Brendan was here as well.
9. Dense fog at this point, but I navigated well. Surprised to lose Brendan, not realizing that he was on Red. There was somebody else who I passed, but I never saw him again.
10. Down to the road, up to the field, and the fog was so thick that I couldn't see the trees on the far side. Thought I was being careful, but the map was sketchy and I wound up too far north; spotted the trail and read my way in from there. A lot of unmapped stuff in this area.
11. Took one look at the leg and figured it was going to be a problem. The appearance of the map (and prior experience) told me that this whole hillside was unfieldchecked, and it was basically just basemap. Decided that the safest attack would be from the trail bend above the control. Partway there I went past two huge, distinct boulders, but couldn't find them on the map. Kept moving along the hillside and climbing until I came to what looked like a trail. Hoped that it was the one I wanted, but after following it a little way, it became clear that it was dropping too much. Headed off contouring again, and came to what I hoped were the two big cliffs slightly beyond and below the control. Tried attacking from there, and it worked. Briefly saw Ross up ahead of me going into the control.
12. Pretty ridiculous control feature. "1 m" boulder in an area like that? And what was circled wasn't even a boulder, it was a boulder field triangle.
15. Kind of circled this one, coming in too low and only reluctantly climbing up there.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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